Timex IQ+ Move quick review – An Analogue Watch With Basic Fitness Tracking

If you think smartwatches are superfluous excesses or rather glorified fitness trackers, Timex IQ+ Move might be something that interests you. The new Timex watch basically looks and feels (and acts) like a well-made traditional Analogue watch, but does have some smarts integrated within.

The smart features that include activity and sleep tracking take the back seat and don’t interfere with your regular watch experience. Let’s dive further in our Timex IQ+ Move quick review to understand what the new Timex wearable is all about.


The Timex IQ+ is a simple and beautiful watch that conceals its smarts. On the face of it, it’s a regular well-designed watch that’s also water resist up to 50 meters. All different models have alloy build and interchangeable straps. But you can’t change the strap yourself, you need to take the watch to a Timex Store.

On the watch face, apart from the main dial in the center for tracking time, you will notice a sub-dial on the bottom right and this shows your progress in terms of percentage of steps or distance goal, depending on the options you have checked on the Timex Connected App on your smartphone.


You have to hold the crown in for 5-seconds to put the watch in pairing mode. You can pull it out to set time (time can also be set using the Connected App) or press it in to toggle on Indiglo back light (for night time viewing).

In India, Timex IQ+ Move is available in two color options: Silver Tone Case, White Dial with Gold Tone Accents and Brown Leather Strap and the other version comes with a Gray Silicone Strap and a Gray Finish Case, Black Dial with Blue Accents.

Features and Performance

Timex IQ+ Move can pair with iOS and Android devices using the Timex Connected App. This is where you can monitor all your activity and sleep stats that it records.


The watch isn’t feature-loaded, but it’s very accurate in whatever little it tracks. You can measure steps taken, distance moved and calories burnt. You can also measure periods of deep and light sleep, the time you were awake at night, sleep efficiency percentage and the average length of sleep sessions.

All the data is synced between your watch and phone via Bluetooth. The syncing process is not like other smart watches where it the data gets synced autmatically. Here, you will have to press and hold the crown in for 5 seconds everytime you wish to sync data.


As we have stated above, this is a minimalistic smartwatch and thus is missing many of the regular smartwatch features like GPS tracking, heart rate sensor or even ability to mirror your phone’s call and message notifications.

Battery, price, and Verdict

The battery is where the Timex IQ+ Move truly shines. Unlike other smartwatches that you need to charge daily, the Timex IQ+ Move can go on for months uninterrupted. This is because the watch comes with a traditional watch battery which doesn’t need charging. If company claims are to be believed, you won’t have to replace the battery for a year.

Priced at 9,995 INR, the IQ+ Move seems like a good option for people who need a good looking analog watch and don’t want to miss out on basic fitness tracking features either.

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