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There was a time when DVDs and media players were used to watch movies and videos on televisions. Everyone loves to watch movies on a large screen televisions. However, there were many issues with DVD player and Media Player. These players were heavy and big in size and need to be carried separately. Wiring was a big issue with these media players. Media streaming devices came as a revolution and solved the complete problem. They are small in size and there is no need of wires. All you need to do is connect the dongle, setup the network, install the app and stream on the device where you want to see the content.

No doubt, Chromecast is the biggest and most popular media streaming device in the world but, people want alternatives. However, Google Chromecast has some drawbacks. It is not as great device in India as it is US or other foreign countries. So, to curb this issue, Teewe was introduced.

A Bangalore based company, Mango Man launched the alternative of Chromecast known as Teewe. The very first version of Teewe was launched in September last year and got a mixed response. There were many issues in Teewe and it was a decent device but was not able to even get closer to Chromecast. After 10 months of Teewe 1, the company has come up with the second version and has named it Teewe 2. Whether Teewe 2 will be able to compete against the big giant Chromecast or not is a big question now and in this post, we will try to get the answer.

IMG_2958Design and look

No matter how big or small a device is, looks and design always better. The first version was bulky so, the company decided to make the second version lighter and slim. As a result we have Teewe 2 which is 70% smaller and slimmer as compared with the first version. The company claims that Teewe 2 is even smaller than the Chromecast.


The device is rectangular in shape and has got the logo of the company on one side. It can be connected to any TV which have a HDMI TV port. Although, you can use power adaptor shipped with Teewe 2 to power the device. A feature which is not available in the Google Chromecast. Even the material quality has improved. Teewe 2 is made up of high-quality plastic which makes it look like a premium device. In the end, the dongle will hide behind the TV screen so, looks and design is not a very important aspect for this kind of devices but, having a good looking device is always an added advantage.


Setting up Teewe 2 is a simple task. You will a stable and good Wi-Fi network, a tablet/smartphone and Teewe 2.

  • Connect the Teewe 2 to your television via HDMI port. It will power up the device.
  • Now, you need to download the Teewe app on to your device. Just follow the simple on-screen instructions and install the Teewe app.
  • The setup is easy for Android platforms. The app automatically detects the Teewe 2 dongle and after that it asks you to connect to it. Just enter the Wi-Fi password and you are good to go.
  • For iOS users, the process is little bit tricky. In this case, you will have to disconnect the phone or tablet from the Wi-Fi network and will have to connect it to the Teewe 2’s own network. Once you connect it to Teewe 2’s network, the setup is done.

Features of Teewe 2

The process of installing the app on PC is detailed but, it is easy. The device is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. When you are done with the installation of the app, you will see a home page which offers a wide range of content from YouTube. Simple scroll down and you will be able to see the stored media. This implies that you can stream YouTube content on your TV from your phone or laptop via Teewe 2. If you have any movie or video stored on your phone or TV, you can play it on your TV without any internet connection but, same Wi-Fi network is a must.


The Teewe app is capable of scanning the connected device and it is currently one of the best device to see your mobile phone, laptop content on large size TV without any data connection. In case of PC or Mac, a user can install the Teewe Chrome extension which is capable of sending videos from a supported webpage to the dongle. Currently, sites like Scoopwhoop, Reddit, 9Gag, Coursera and Khan Academy are compatible with Teewe 2 and the company is looking forward to expand it as much as they can.

The dongle can also be used to view the content of laptop on other devices. For instance, you have Teewe app installed on your phone and laptop. Now, you want to watch the movies which are on your laptop but, you wish to watch them on your phone. In this case, you just need to connect both the devices on a same Wi-Fi network and its done.

Performance and Hardware

The dongle is powered by a 1.6 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, a quad-core GPU and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support. The device works perfectly fine and its performance is highly dependent on the speed of Internet connection you are using. It supports all major formats and works amazingly well if you have a 4 or 8 mbps of connection.

Price and availability

The device is available on Amazon at IN 2,399. It comes with 20GB of Airtel data per month free for three months and two months of Eros Now for free.

Final Verdict

It has got the looks and it is worth buying. The pricing is also justifiable and there is no major issue with the device. It is a great device and can solve many problems which occurs while watching a movie or video on a small screen. So, if you are looking for a media streaming stick, you can definitely buy Teewee 2.

Author: Deepak Kumar

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  1. Hi Deepak! Thank you for lending your support to Teewe 2 with your review. Teewe 2 is now also available on Flipkart, and if you use their app, you can purchase Teewe 2 for just Rs. 1,999/- during the The Big App Shopping Days (June 22-24, 2015). I am sure your readers would love to know this update. Once again, thank you for your support. Should you have any further questions regarding the device, please reach out to me at press@teewe.in or visit http://www.teewe.in.

    Happy Reviewing!

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  2. Lots of these android boxes in the market, that are very similar, and extremely overpriced!

    Some worth checking out:

    1. ReTV – In terms of UI & Functionality, I found ReTV is in a different league of its own. It has a simple interface, lets you stream Torrents, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. And its way cheaper that the other android boxes available in the market. Does 4K videos as well. Worth checking out. 2.0Ghz 64 bit Quad Core CPU, Penta core GPU, Motion sensor remtote. Android 5.1
    check their site http://www.retv.in

    2. Half ticket TV – Dongle. Good form factor, but slightly underpowered especially while using Android apps. Quad Core 1.6ghz 32 CPU, Quad GPU, Android 4.4.2. Full HD

    3. i Revo – Same config as half ticket, but extremely overpriced.

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