Strontium Nitro Plus 64GB SDXC Micro SD & Memory SD Card Review

These days most of the flagship smartphones and cameras are capable of recording 4K videos. The size of these videos is very large and hence they require faster memory cards in order to work properly. This created a need for UHS or ultra high speed memory cards.

Strontium has released their Nitro Plus SDXC UHS-1 cards which offer read and write speed of upto 80MB/s and 60MB/s respectively. Both Nitro Plus microSD and SD memory card offer ultra high reading and writing speeds.

Strontium Nitro Plus microSD comes with two adapters – a pen drive adapter and a SD card adapter. So you can use one card for all your needs. Unless you just require a SD card for your camcorder or camera you should consider buying the Nitro Plus microSD card as you can use it as a pen drive or a SD card.


Storage Options

These cards are available in three storage options – 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The Nitro Plus SD card is also available in 128 GB variant. All the Nitro Plus cards are water proof, temperature proof, magnet proof and X-ray proof.

Robust in Nature

For testing the water proof and magnet proof nature of the cards we dipped the microSD card in water and placed it between two bar magnets. As expected the card was working properly even after performing these tests. We were able to read and write data on the card without any problems. So these cards are definitely robust in nature and the company also provides a limited lifetime warranty on these cards.

Read & Write Speeds

Now lets talk about the main feature of these cards i.e speed. The card is factory formatted with the exFAT file system and around 60.3 GB is useable storage available to the user. According to company these cards have a 80MB/s read and 60MB/s write speed. To test the speed of the microSD card we used A1 SD card bench and for measuring the speed while using it as a SD card or a pen drive we used Disk Speed Test.


The microSD card achieved a 41.78MB/s read and 26.21MB/s write speed but the same microSD card scored 86.4MB/s read and 57.7 MB/s write speed while using it as a SD card and doing a benchmark on laptop. The Nitro Plus SD memory card also scored nearly the same read & write speed as scored by the microSD card.


There is a low read & write speed on smartphone due to the fact that the microSD card speed does depends on your smartphone. But overall the results are very impressive.

Additional Benefits

Users will also get MyBackup Pro full version Android app worth $4.99 free with Nitro Plus microSD card and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard worth $69.95 free with Nitro Plus SD memory card.


The Strontium Nitro Plus 64GB cards are available in the market for around Rs 5,000 which appears to bit costly. But if you look at the features it offers the price appears to be justified. Not only you get ultra high read & write speed but these cards are very robust in nature and can easily handle water spills, extreme temperature, magnet and X ray exposures.

So if you want a fast memory card and if you love to record high resolution videos on your camcorder or smartphone we highly recommend you to opt for these cards.

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

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