Sony SmartWatch Review

Sony SmartWatch is one of the coolest mobile accessory available in the market. It is a small clip-on device which connects with your phone over bluetooth and provides quick access to various notifications and features.

sony smartwatch on hand

You can handle incoming calls, read messages, check facebook & twitter notifications, check weather, play music on phone and use google maps all from the watch itself.

Display & Design

Sony SmartWatch has a 1.3 inch OLED display with muti-touch capabilities. The display has a 128×128 pixels resolution. It has a dimension of 36mm x 36mm and its thickness is just 8mm. The build quality of the watch is pretty good and it comes with a aluminium casing.                       sony smartwatch with wristband

The watch has a spring clip mechanism underneath which allows the users to clip it on the rubber wriststrap, which comes along with watch or clip it on the carry bag strap without any problems. Sony Smartwatch have a special charging port which is hidden underneath the clip.

sony smartwatch charging port

Talking about the buttons, we just have a power/lock key on the right side. Except the power/lock key button we don’t have any other button present on the watch. Being a touch watch it does not require any other button. If you are thinking about the back button, then I must tell you that you can use a pinch gesture to go back.

sony smartwatch power key


Sony SmartWatch has a simple and neat UI. To preserve battery the screen turns off automatically. You just need to double tap on the screen or press power/lock key in order to wake the watch. Navigation on the watch is quite simple, you just need to swipe your finger across the screen to navigate. The icons are quite small in the screen but you can still easily select them via single tap.

sony smartwatch time

One of the best features of the SmartWatch is its multi-touch capability. You just need to pinch to go back. Being just a 1.3 inch touch screen. Initially I thought that it would be bit tough to operate the watch but I was wrong, interface of the watch is quite smooth and you won’t face any problems while operating the watch.


SmartWatch is a cool device but it is not so cool or smart without an android smartphone. If you haven’t paired the watch with the phone you can’t even check the time.

The watch works with just an android smartphone and not any other smartphones. Though you can use any of the android smartphone which is compatible with the Smart Connect app available on the Google Playstore. Once you pair the device with an android smartphone, you can really enjoy the smartness of the watch. To pair your sony Smartwatch with an android smartphone just check out the video below :

Once you are connected with the watch you can access all the features of the watch or apps using the SmartWatch Master app. There is an option usage tips which tells you about various gestures you can use on the smartwatch.

smartwatch app

You can select the applications option to search for various applications as well as for downloading and installing recommended apps such as twitter, facebook, email etc.

smartwatch apps

Once you select the search applications option, you will be redirected to the liveware extensions page on Google Playstore. You can select various apps which you want to use in the Smartwatch.


Once you install a app, it gets automatically synced with the Sony Smartwatch. You just need to install the apps in your phone and start using them on the smartwatch. By default when you wake the watch you would get the time displayed. You can select the type of watch you want to display in the clocks option.

smartwatch watches

On app screen in Smartwatch you would find 4 apps. At the top left corner of the screen you would find the battery indicator and on the top right corner time is being displayed.

sony smartwatch apps

sony smartwatch apps 2

Apart from basic apps like Twitter, Facebook etc various third party apps like GPS Map app and VFinder app are fun to use. VFinder lets you use the watch as a viewfinder for your phone’s camera. One of my favorite apps is the Weather app. It is so cool to check out weather on your watch.

sony smartwatch weather

You can sort your applications according to your preferences in the Sort Applications option.


Each app can show a widget, you just need to swipe down from the apps home screen to open the widget screen. First you need to check the option under the settings of that app to display it as a widget and then you can sort the widgets according to your preferences.


It is very convenient to read your messages or twitter notifications on the watch. You no longer need to take out your phone every time you get a message or notification on twitter or facebook.

sony smartwatch twitter

One of the coolest thing about the watch is the call handling. Your watch would vibrate when you are receiving a new call and it would even display the name of the person if you have synced the phonebook with smartwatch. You can even reject the call from the watch itself.

sony smartwatch call

After syncing your phone book with the watch you can access your contacts in the watch and even make a call to them. Though for talking with them you need to take out your phone.

sony smartwatch phonebook

You can even play music on your phone using the music handler app. The app allows you to browse various songs on your phone, play/pause the songs and adjust the volume.

sony smartwatch music

 Battery Life

We really liked the way sony has hidden the charging port underneath the clip. Sony Smartwatch can be charged using a USB-to-proprietary-port cable.

sony smartwatch charging cable

Though I personally feel that had it been a microUSB port we could have charged it using any of my existing microUSB to USB cable which is used for charging my phones. Now we need to carry a separate cable for charging the watch. One of the reason due to which Sony might have not used the regular microUSB port can be the boring and ugly design of the port. Proprietary port looks cool and more stylish than a microUSB port with a flap over it.

sony smartwatch charging port

SmartWatch has a great battery backup. With moderate usage it could last for 4-5 days. Even with heavy usage like plenty of calls, checking notifications every few seconds etc i.e nearly constant usage of the watch with its screen turned on whole time, the battery would easily last a day. It usually takes 1-2 hours to completely charge the battery. Overall, we really liked the battery backup of the Watch.

sony smartwatch kit


I really like the Sony Smartwatch. You would face no problem while syncing or pairing it with your android smartphone. It comes with some really cool apps like VFinder, twitter, GPS Maps, calculator etc. Overall, its a great gadget to play with. So if you ever had a dream of owning a smart watch you can consider buying Sony Smartwatch.

Pros :

  • Great design
  • Good battery life
  • Lots of apps
  • Easy Sync/pair

Cons :

  • Works only with android
  • Packaged Wriststrap is not so good

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