Sony PlayStation 4 Pro with PlayStation VR launched in India starting Rs. 38,990 Onwards

The much awaited Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has finally landed on Indian soil today. The console from Sony brings a lot of improvements like 4K resolution gaming along with HDR capability and better graphics with it. It is also the first VR gaming platform to launch in India as we’re still waiting for Oculus or HTC Vive to launch in India officially. PS4 Pro promises a better gaming experience and is a much admired update from its predecessor.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation VR has also made an entry along with the console and you can buy it with the new console i.e. PS4 Pro or you can get it for your PS4 that you already own. The VR will work readily with the PS4 as well. The new PS4 Pro starts at Rs. 37,990 and it brings better specifications as well. It has a custom octa-core processor from AMD which is codenamed as “Jaguar“. You have a AMD Radeon 4.2 TFLOPS GPU which will be able to power HDR as well as 4K easily. Coming to the RAM, you get about 8GB and the main storage starts at 1TB. But of course, if you’re buying a console, you’re not buying it for the specifications.

It also has a BluRay drive which will be used to read BR disks and hence to play HDR content. You get three USB 3.1 ports and the console supports WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 along with Ethernet out of the box. Coming to the other I/O, you have HDMI which supports 4K and HDR and you also have a Digital Out optical port.

Sony PlayStation VR

Coming to the PlayStation VR, it is one of the best VR systems we have seen and it brings some great functionality as well. You get a 100 degrees field of view and it has an OLED display. The refresh rate can go up to 120Hz which is necessary for VR. It has a six-axis motion sensor i.e. 3 axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer. It has good set of I/O with HDMI, AUX, Stereo Headphone Jack.

Talking about the prices, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro will be available from mid-February but you can pre-order it today. The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro will start at Rs. 38,990 and the slim model will start at Rs. 27,990. The PlayStation VR starts at Rs. 37,990 and if you want the PS4 camera with it, then it will cost you Rs. 41,990 and it will be sold in March.


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