Sony Launches SxS PRO+ and SxS- 1 Professional Memory Cards Starting 22,000 INR

Sony India has today launched its two new high speed SXS series memory cards, SxS PRO+ and SxS- 1 especially for professional photographers and videographers. Both these memory cards feature advanced interface of PCI Express Generation 2 and newly developed intelligent controller.


Both these memory cards are dust proof and highly durable. They offer ultra high speed in order to increase workflow efficiency, when they are used with the new SxS Reader Writer (SBAC-US30.UT100) and PSZ SSD series. Together this can drastically reduce transfer time which helps in recording high resolution videos.

SXS PRO+ comes in two variants SBP-128C and SBP-64C and both of these cards can offer transfer speed of 3.5Gbps (440MB/s) (read) and 2.8Gbps (350MB/s) (write), a great speed boost compared to its previous version which has launched in year 2012. SxS-1also has high transfer speed of 3.5Gbps (440MB/s) (read). These cards have enough storage capacity which means these can be used to record 4k videos.

The 128 GB SxS card is perfect for on location professional shoots, as they can record 240 minutes of MPEG 422 30p (50Mbps) or 20 minutes of XAVC 4K 60p (600Mbps) footage.

The SxS series has some great features like data-error correction, wear-leveling (data-defect minimizing) and data refreshing functions for secure data recording.

SBS-32G1A SYM and SBS-64G1A SYM cards will be available for 22,000 INR and 36,000 INR starting from February next year. SBP-64B SYM (PRO PLUS) and SBP-128B SYM (PRO PLUS), on the other hand are already available for 51,875 INR and 82,625 INR respectively.

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