Sony Introduces Mix Walkman & Txt Pro Phone [Features]

In this age of Technology, daily we are coming are across new gadgets which are made with best efforts and wonderful innovation. Not only this, but they are made affordable to be owned by any class of society. This time Sony has introduced two new handsets in the market named as “Sony Mix Walkman” and “Sony Txt Pro”. Both the handsets are one of the best handsets from Sony. As we all know, Walkman phones are well known for their sound quality and fully enriched music player.

In these two phones you will not get the features of Walkman phone but also the messaging focusing feature of QWERTY Keyboard.

Sony Mix Walkman

Let’s have a look at the Sony Mix Walkman, this handset is full touchscreen device with 3-inches display and offers the screen resolution of 400 X 240 pixels. It is sported with 3.2 MP camera at the back. This device do not have Android OS, but have Sony dumbphone OS which can be found on other Sony devices.

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman

Sony Mix Walkman

Unique feature of this device is a special key called as “Zapping key”, which lets the user preview the chorus of the next track and can decide whether he/she wants to listen it or not. It is having internal memory of 100 MB and supports MicroSD Cards for expansion. Sony Walkman does not have 3G network support. This phone has the functionality of Wi-Fi connectivity for internet usage.

Sony Txt Pro

Coming towards the Sony TXT Pro, as the name explains itself, “TXT”, this phone is a message oriented device. Its slide-out QWERTY keyboard will power your text experiences not only this, its unified application called “Friends” which is social networking client with Facebook and Twitter support. The phone is having 3-inches touchscreen and having 3.2 MP camera.

Sony Ericsson TXT Pro

Sony TXT Pro

Same as the above phone, this phone do not support 3G network, but have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sony has not revealed any information about the prices of these two phones but the devices would be available in starting of Q3.

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