Sony Adds 3 New Laser And 2 New Lamp Projectors To India Portfolio

Sony today launched its combination of three new laser projectors – VPL-FHZ65, VPL-FHZ60 and VPL-FHZ57 and two new Lamp projectors – VPL-FH65 and VPL-FH60 in India with price starting at 4,11,700 INR. These projectors will cater to the needs of enterprise users, entertainment industry, academic and professionals who require high resolution projectors.

All five new models have integrated terminal cover design and built-in HDBase interfaces, enabling easier connectivity and reducing total system costs by using a single cable which runs all the video, audio, control and IP signal up to 328 feet (100m). They also flaunt wide powered lens shift, which allows the projector to be installed in challenging environments.

Sony Laser Projector

The three new WUXGA (1920 x 1200) laser models deliver brightness of 6,000 lumens (VPL-FHZ65), 5,000 lumens (VPL-FHZ60) and 4,100 lumens (VPL-FHZ57). The new laser models are designed to deliver enhanced picture quality with new features such as “Reality Creation” and “Contrast Enhancer,” both technologies already in use by Sony’s home theater projection systems for high-end consumer entertainment.

With laser projectors users won’t have to compromise with factors like tilt angle or choose between high resolution and high brightness.

The new projectors also offer Color Space adjustment to adjust individual coordinates of Red, Green and Blue primaries, and Color Correction features which fine-tunes Hue, Brightness and Saturation of six different color ranges.

On the other hand, new VPL-FH65 (6,000 lumens) and VPL-FH60 (5,000 lumens) will serve as cost effective solutions. Check out the price and availability information in the table below.

Price and Availability

VPL-FHZ65, 6,000lm WUXGA, laserRs 966,600March, 2016
VPL-FHZ60, 5,000lm WUXGA, laserRs 750,000March, 2016
VPL-FHZ57, 4,100lm WUXGA, LaserRs 533,300March, 2016
VPL-FH65, 6,000lm WUXGA, lampRs 725,000February, 2016
VPL-FH60, 5,000lm WUXGA, lampRs 411,700February, 2016




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