Sennheiser HE-1 is the most expensive headphone you can buy in India

Sennheiser has launched what it claims to be the best headphones in the world, the HE 1 that has been priced at whooping 45,00,00 INR (at these prices, they better be the best). According to the company, what makes them priceless is  a unique amplifier concept with carefully selected materials and highest quality craftsmanship.

The HE 1, an electrostatic headphone system with an impressive 500 V tube amplifier, produces natural sound that’s rich in details. The amplifier employs 8 vacuum tubes. To avoid noise distortion, the amplifier housing was crafted from granular, inhomogeneous Carrara marble and is freely suspended with the amplifier.

Furthermore, Sennheiser is using Gold-vaporised ceramic electrodes and platinum-vaporised diaphragms. The rotary switches for the source and the volume controls are milled from a single piece of brass and chromium-plated. The genuine leather ear cushions, with hypoallergenic, breathable microfiber fabric for additional acoustic absorption, are crafted in Germany and ensure total comfort even over several hours.

The company claims that each of the 6000 internal components in HE-1, including the especially designed cable, adheres to best of quality standards. The new HE 1 has a frequency response of 8 hertz to more than 100 kilohertz and promises lowest harmonic distortion in the world.


Commenting on the launch Dr Andreas Sennheiser, CEO, Sennheiser, said To craft a successor to the legendary Orpheus as a reference product for the industry itself, Sennheiser worked tirelessly on innovative technical solutions, consistently putting previously used acoustics approaches to the test and exploiting every conceivable possibility when it came to selecting the optimum materials. For almost a decade, a core team of developers, engineers and designers dedicated themselves to producing a successor, and they have now created a headphone system that is beyond comparison. We are very proud of this exceptional product for the benchmark for the Indian market. The HE 1 stands for the innovative capabilities of our company and the joint commitment of our workforce to the pursuit of perfect sound.”

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