Segate Expands and Rebrands Product Line as The Guardian Series

Seagate, the popular hard drive manufacturer, has expanded and rebranded its product line as The Guardian Series. The new series has been launched with the introduction of massive 10TB capacity drives.

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The new Guardian Series includes BarraCuda computer hard disk drives, the IronWolf drives for network attached storage configurations and RAID, and the Skyhawk drives for surveillance purposes. Seagate believes that this rebranding will bring out the idea of progressive technology, will also help users to clearly differentiate the usage of the three, and will make it easier for everyone to recommend products to others.

Seagate strives to deliver reliable and secure products and after sales services at pocket friendly prices. The new portfolio has drives to satisfy needs of all categories of users.

As said in its vision, “Your data is alive. Every piece of it is invaluable: Your work, your play, your creativity. It needs a Guardian worthy of protecting it. Seagate is proud to do just that, depicting its actual reason for its products and its branding.”


The Barracuda provides versatile storage and involves drive-based management of various storage media on the disk to improve responsiveness.

The Iron Wolf series sets the standard for agile and rugged NAS drives. The integration of a rotational vibration sensor in the high-capacity models helps Iron Wolf stand apart.

The Skyhawk surveillance drives come with RV sensors and are tuned to provide reliability and security necessary for video stream and 24×7 operations.

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