Samsung Will Soon Roll Out Hindi Version Of Android

Android OS that has revolution the mobile phone industry has been in news again because of rumors saying that Android Hindi version will come soon. Samsung is in talks with Google to launch Hindi version of Android Operating system.

Of the population of India only 11% of people speak English and most of them speak English because of professional reason and most of them prefer to speak Hindi.

Android currently supports all other major languages like European, Chinese but not Hindi as India being one of the hot spot of telecom industries this will be quite good move by the company, Which will not just interest the consumer’s but also helps in increasing profit.

Android Hindi Version

Any of the major OS present in the market does not have hindi version of OS.  This will attract Android customers as well as other customers too.

Hindi is the fourth most commonly used language in the world but still no company have looked over this issue. Another major reason for less consumption is because of all the major Android handsets comes with a touchscreen which doesn’t have any virtual keypad so it is difficult for those who doesn’t understand English. The best option that Google can work upon is to give the users an option of selecting his/her own language from drop down menu.

Till now we have this much info about this rumor. We will see in near future whether Samsung will really make it happen or not.

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

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