Samsung Pay in India : Everything you need to know

Samsung recently introduced its mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, in India.  The mobile payment solution is slowly but steadily gaining traction, and many tech-savvy Indians are being drawn to it for its simplicity and convenience. If you are still on the fence about using it or still have an unanswered query, let’s discuss what Samsung Pay is all about.

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What is Samsung Pay?

To start with, Samsung Pay is an app on your Samsung phone that securely store your credit and debit cards and then allow you to pay to merchants directly from your phone. This means that instead of swiping your card at the payment terminal, you can simply touch your phone and pay.

How to setup Samsung Pay?

If you have a phone that supports Samsung Pay, you can simply add select bank debit and credit cards to it. Once you log-in using your Samsung account, just open the Samsung Pay app, enter your card details (Card number, expiry date, and CVV) and then authenticate adding your card using an OTP sent via SMS to your mobile number registered with your bank.  You can add up to 10 debit and credit cards.

How To use Samsung Pay?

Once you have successfully added a card, you can simply swipe up from any launcher screen, authenticate the card using a secure PIN or your fingerprint and pay by tapping your phone on the card machine.


How many merchants accept Samsung Pay in India?

Samsung Pay has a clear cut advantage over other mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Android Pay. Not only does it work with NFC enabled card machines, but also with conventional (and dated) ones that allow you to swipe cards without chips.

This means you can pay with Samsung Pay at almost all merchants in India that have a card machine. And since the app also integrates Paytm and UPI, you can also pay to merchants who accept Paytm and UPI payments.


What is MST?

MST or Magnetic Secure Transmission is a tech that emits magnetic signals and makes your phone act like a magnetic card.  Since magnetic strip readers are quite old, they are readily available across India, unlike NFC card readers and that’s why MST is Samsung Pay’s biggest advantage over other rival mobile payment services.

Is Samsung Pay Secure?

While using Samsung Pay, your actual card details are not stored on your phone and nor is it transferred to the merchant. Your phone replaces your card with a digital card with a different number, and this is what is shared with merchants to authenticate payment.

Your cards are also protected by Samsung Knox security software, your PIN and biometric data (Iris or fingerprint) that are stored in a separate secure chip in your phone. All that adds up to make Samsung Pay very secure.

What devices support Samsung Pay in India?

In India, Samsung Pay works on Samsung Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy A7 (2017), Galaxy A5 (2017), Galaxy A7 (2016), Galaxy A5 (2016) and will soon be added to Gear S3 smartwatch. Upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will also support Samsung Pay.

Will my old Samsung phone get Samsung Pay via OTA update?

Besides NFC, Samsung Pay also requires hardware support for MST and a secure chip. It is unlikely that you will get it via OTA update.

What are the advantages of using Samsung Pay?

Using Samsung pay is more convenient and more secure than carrying all your cards in your wallet.

You might not have that one particular card when you actually need it, but with Samsung Pay, you can store all your cards securely in your phone and keep them with you at all times. Moreover, the service works without internet connection and is very simple to use.

Also, you can avail several attractive promotional discounts while making payments through Samsung Pay.

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What problems could I face while using Samsung Pay?

There isn’t much to worry about, provided that you have a compatible phone and card.

At times the merchant terminal will ask for the last four digits of your card, and in such case, you will have to enter the last four digits of the digital card as indicated in the app (not your actual card).

We also ran into some old terminals which showed card detection error. If such is the case, ensure that you are holding your phone to the side of the card machine, where there is a slot to swipe the card rather than hovering your phone on top.

What banks are supported by Samsung Pay?

For now, following bank cards can be added to Samsung Pay.

Supported Cards Credit Debit
American Express American Express
Axis Bank Visa
Citibank Visa
HDFC Bank Visa
ICICI Bank Visa
SBI Cards Visa
Standard Chartered Bank Visa

Can I transfer money using Samsung Pay?


Yes, you can transfer money through Samsung Pay via UPI. If your bank supports UPI transfers, that is. Just type the UPI payment address (Or the account number and IFSC code) of the person you wish to pay and authenticate your payment with your UPI pin.  This is a bank account to bank account transfer. You cannot transfer money using your credit cards.

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