Samsung announces the ‘Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece’ – An attempt to break Guinness World Record

Few days back Samsung announced about their Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece initiative in India. It is an attempt by Samsung to create a digital art piece that would break the Guinness World Records title for the most artists working on the same single digital art piece.

Samsung note 2 incredible art piece

This attempt is to break the current world record held by Great Britain where 201,958 people contributed for the same single digital art piece. Now Samsung India has given Indians a great chance to be a part of this initiative and contribute their creations for the mega digital art piece. So you could also be a part of a Guinness world record, exciting isn’t it ?

To become a part of the initiative all you need to do is visit Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece Page and submit your entry. Currently, around 68,000 people have already contributed their art in an attempt to break the world record. You can easily draw anything which you want by using various tools and options provided in the site. After you finish your art you can submit it and you would also get a certificate of participation from Samsung which can be downloaded.

You can even visit any of the Samsung Digital Plazas, Samsung Smartphone Cafe’s and Samsung Experience Zones and submit your entry by using the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Samsung also provides a way to submit your entries offline. All you need to do is create your art piece, scan it and email it via

So what are you waiting for, we have already contributed our art piece for the initiative and now it’s your turn to contribute your art and be a part of an attempt which would bring glory to India when the record is broken.

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

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