Orient Aerostorm is the perfect mix of beauty and brawn

More and more people these days are becoming conscious of their home décor and are upgrading to premium living experience. So naturally, aesthetics of every single item that goes in their personal space is factored in while making a purchase.

Responding to the new market shift, manufacturers have been innovatively refining their product. Ceiling fans, which we once used to overlook, have gone through a complete makeover as well and are now very conspicuous part of home décor. As of today, consumers have a lot of options to choose between, ranging from wood finishes to handcrafted designs, from under light fans to aerodynamically designed profile blades.

If you are looking forward to buying a classy ceiling fan that doesn’t involve any compromise between form and function, the recently launched Orient Aerostorm is a great option. It’s a product that looks stylish without being gaudy and has yet been designed to work flawlessly.

Orient has paid meticulous attention to details. The Blades of Aerostorm are inspired by the aerodynamic design of aircraft wings and are capable of higher thrust and air delivery than conventional fans. The remarkable airflow doesn’t make it rackety. In fact, the innovative 3D aerodynamic winglet blade design enables Aerostorm to work quite silently.

The working principle involved is to avoid Vortex at the tip of the fan for smoother operation. Vortex is generated because of sudden pressure difference of the air when a fan operates. This creates the vibration on the blade which in turn is responsible for the Noise. Winglet design allows Aerostorm to direct the air flow from high-pressure zone right under the blade to a low-pressure zone away from it. This helps reduce the pressure difference significantly and thus minimizes the Vortex.

These blades are made of specially engineered high-grade compounded glass-filled ABS material for durability, which is to say that they won’t lose their sheen or rust even after long-term usage. There are zero gaps and clearances in different parts of the fan. The graceful curves in the canopy and even the bottom cover, the metalized UV deco ring at the center, and high gloss premium PU paint make Orient Aerostorm look extremely elegant.

There is a lot more substance to the new Orient Fan on the inside. The Aerostorm integrates sturdiest 18-pole heavy motor with double ball bearing which ensures a longer life. The fan has a sweep area of 1320mm and gives an impressive 300 CMM of Air delivery, which is also the highest in its class.

Overall, the Orient Aerostrom is a thoroughly impressive product that doesn’t compromise on beauty or brawn. It looks absolutely elegant and premium and has been designed for flawless performance without being noisy. Moreover, use of high-quality materials, including rust free blades, and heavyweight motor make it a long-lasting and durable product.

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