Opera Mini Crosses 50 Million Mark to Become Third Most Used App in India

Opera Mini is now the third most used app in India after Facebook and Watsapp, with number of active users going beyond 50 million. This also makes India, the home for largest number of Opera users in the entire world.

opera mini

As stated by Company, these are following reasons for its success:

  1. Opera browsers are available for all operating systems including Java, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iOS and even Samsung’s latest Tizen OS.
  2. Opera’s data compression technology is designed to work faster than any other browser, especially in bad network areas, which are fairly common in India.
  3. Opera browsers can work with several Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujrati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese and Kashmiri.

Mr. Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software said, “The internet has the power to transform lives and we want everyone to have access to it. That’s why our browsers are designed to work on almost any internet-enabled device and in the toughest network conditions”.

“Opera Mini’s famous compression technology, which makes browsing faster and helps users cut down on their data costs, is extremely relevant for India. It feels fantastic to be embraced by so many Indians and I’m confident that India will play a key role in Opera’s global vision of bringing the next billion people online,”  he further added.

Number of Opera users on smartphones has extended by about 110 percent over the past year, according to latest company statistics. As Indian smartphone market is on a boom, we can expect this number to grow many folds in near future.

Thanks to its low RAM requirements and compression technology, Opera Mini is very lightweight and consumes one –tenth internet speed as compare to most other mobile browsers. Some other key features include, conveniently saving bookmarks on homescreen, adding pages in speed dial and mouse gestures.

Opera also revealed that around 16 Domestic brands ship Opera browser pre-installed on over 350 Android handset models in India.  In our personal opinion, Opera Mini is one of the fastest browsers for Android. This Browser can load a page faster than others even with low internet speed.

Opera set of browsers include Opera Mini, Opera Coast for iOS, Opera for Android and Opera for computers. Since, opera browser is available for free, you can download it from your respective app store and try it out yourself.

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