Nokia Sheds Light On First Window Phone Coming Soon in Q4

After launching a series of low-end devices for those budget conscious users, Nokia is in rumors again because of it’s first handset with Window Mango Operating system.

Nokia’s tweet revealed that , we cannot confirm local availability but the 1st nokia w/wp devices will ship in Q4 and with volumes in 2012. We recongnize the need to deliver great mobile products, and therefore we must accelerate the pace of our transition. Our teams are aligned , and we have increased the confidence that we will ship our first nokia product with windowns phone in the fourth quarter 2011.”

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Devices

Microsoft window phone have some top notch features that can surely improve performance with it’s extraordinary capabilities having better graphics,4G wireless speed, hardware acceleration to maximize phone’s performance new features are added in this version. Nokia is hoping well from it’s new move of running Microsoft windows on the phone but whether it would prove beneficial or not is a thing of future.

There are yet no info available about the other speculation of device, and we don’t have a single clue about which region will become the get this device first .  But the expectation about the availability of the device is in the end of this year.

Stay Tuned to get the latest update about this Window Phone 7 powered device.


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