Nokia Lumia 820 Review

Nokia Lumia 820 was launched in India in January 2013 for Rs 27,559. It is a mid range Windows Phone 8 device. Nokia Lumia 820 was launched to bridge the gap between the entry level Lumia 620 and the High end Lumia 920.

nokia lumia 820

Recently we did the Unboxing of the Lumia 820 and today we would see whether this device is able to stand out in the market. Does Lumia 820 have what it takes to beat the rest of the smartphones available in the market? Read on to find out.

Display & Design

Nokia has always created smartphones with solid build quality and Lumia 820 is no different. Unlike Lumia 920, it does not have a true uni-body. The phone comes with round edges and a removable back panel which fits  smoothly on the device and eliminate any seams there by giving you a sense of uni-body design.

nokia lumia 820 edge

It comes with a 4.3 inch WVGA touch screen display which also has Super sensitive touch like the Lumia 920.

You can even turn off the Super sensitive touch by going to display + touch option in settings. You can also turn on or off other display settings such as Sunlight readability from this option.

sccreenshot (23)

Below the display you have the usual Windows Phone touch buttons – back, home and search.

nokia lumia 820 bottm

Above the display you have a earpiece, proximity sensor and a VGA front facing camera for video calling.

nokia lumia 820 front top

At the top you have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

nokia lumia 820 top

At the bottom of the phone you have a microUSB port for charging your phone and for data transfer. Along with the microUSB port you also have a loudspeaker at the bottom of the Lumia 820.

nokia lumia 820 bottom ports

On the right side of the device you have a volume rocker, power/lock key and a dedicated camera key. The camera key present on the device is a two stage key which can be pressed half way down to focus at an object and pressing it further down would capture the image.

nokia lumia 820 right side

You don’t have any ports or buttons present on the left side of the device.

nokia lumia 820 left side

On the back of the phone you have a 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash.

nokia lumia 820 back view

Lumia 820 comes with a removable back panel and underneath it you would find a 1650mAh battery. The Lumia 820 also supports wireless charging via exchangeable back shell. You just need to use a wireless charging case to enable wireless charging on your Lumia 820. Also it is worth mentioning that it is very hard to remove the back cover of the device.

nokia lumia 820 back panel

The phone comes with a mciroSIM card slot and a microSD card slot which are present along the battery but you need to take out the battery in order to insert the SIM card or the microSD card.

nokia lumia 820 microsd microsim

Overall, Lumia 820 has a good design and build quality. Though it does not have a uni-body design but the back cover fits so well on the device that you might think it has a unibody design. The phone weighs around 160 grams and it is not as heavy as its big brother Lumia 920 which weighs 185 grams still many people will find it bit heavy as compare to other smartphones available in the market.


Lumia 820 is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor along with 1GB RAM. The phone comes with Andreno 225 GPU for enhanced graphics and gaming experience. This specification is same as that on Lumia 920, so it would provide the same performance like its big brother. The phone comes with 8GB internal storage which can be expanded using a microSD card.

nokia lumia 820 back

With such awesome configuration everything runs very smoothly on the Windows Phone 8 OS. Talking about the connectivity features, it supports 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. It also supports wireless charging but you need to use a wireless charging case for that.

We have made a small video showing the music and the video playback quality of the device. It would give you a brief idea about the quality of the display and loudspeaker present on the device.


Lumia 820 comes with Windows Phone 8 OS along with few custom Nokia apps. The first thing which you would notice is the home screen filled with live tiles. You can arrange the tiles and their size according to your preferences.

sccreenshot (7)sccreenshot (8)
 One feature which would help you in the beginning would be Transfer my data app which allows you to copy your contacts and text messages from your old smartphone. In case the old smartphone is not a Nokia device you won’t be able to copy the text messages but you can still copy the contacts. Pretty useful isn’t ?

sccreenshot (18)

Since it is a Lumia device it comes with some exclusive apps from Nokia such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia music. Nokia has now also re-branded its map applications under the name Here. So you would see Here maps, Here Drive and Here city lens in the Lumia devices.

First of all let us talk about the Nokia maps or Here maps. These are probably the best and the most accurate maps available for various devices.Once you launch the application it would show your current location and you can search a place in the maps and tap on directions option under menu to directly open the Here drive to get accurate driving directions. You can also download maps to have even a smoother experience while using them.

 sccreenshot (10)sccreenshot (11)

Talking about the Nokia Drive, I am personally very impressed with the navigation and accuracy of this app.

sccreenshot (12)sccreenshot (13)

The app offers a lot of options and features. You can easily toggle between 2D or the 3D mode.

sccreenshot (14)

You can set the map colours to automatic i.e they would be using bright theme in day time and dark theme at night. You can even toggle on or off various landmarks and download maps using manage maps option so that you can use the navigation without an active internet connection as well. There are few other features such as speed limit, battery save etc which would help the users in using these maps more effectively and efficiently.

sccreenshot (15)sccreenshot (16)

One of my personal favorite is the Nokia Music app. Lumia 820 also has a free subscription of the Nokia music allowing you to download over 4 Million songs from the Music Store for free.

sccreenshot (9)

You can choose the mix radio option which allows you to stream or download mixes based on genre.  You can download the songs from Nokia Music store to stream them directly over a Wi-Fi or data connection.

sccreenshot (5)sccreenshot (6)

For enhancing your music experience you can turn on the Dolby Playback once you insert the compatible headsets. You also have an option to set the equalizer according to your preferences.

sccreenshot (22)sccreenshot (21)

Talking about other settings present on the device, you can change the turn on Kid’s corner, tap+send and internet sharing option from the settings.

sccreenshot (20)sccreenshot (19)

One of the most important feature present in the device is the email client feature where you can configure various email accounts on your device with ease. You can also sync your twitter and facebook with Lumia 820.

sccreenshot (24)

Moving on to the Windows Store, it has nearly all the famous apps which are available for other platforms. There are few apps missing from the Store but we believe they would added soon meanwhile you can always use the alternative of those apps.

sccreenshot (25)

Since Lumia 820 is powered by the same processor which powers Lumia 920 you would be able to enjoy all the games present on the Windows Store. The games can be downloaded under the Xbox live integration or as normal windows games. There are plenty of games available on the Windows Store and some of the famous ones are Assassin’s Creed, Asphalt 5, Gun Bros etc.

sccreenshot (1)

Just like any other Windows Phone 8 device, Lumia 820 also comes with office integration so that you can create or edit your existing word documents, excel sheets or power point presentations.

sccreenshot (26)

You can even connect your device as a mass storage device to your computer for easy file transfer. This feature was not available in devices running older WP version.


Lumia 820 comes with a 8 megapixel back camera along with dual LED flash and a VGA front facing camera for video calling.

nokia lumia 820 back camera

The camera interface of the device is similar to that of Lumia 920. You get minimum options or settings in the interface which makes the interface very user friendly.

sccreenshot (2)

Just like Lumia 920 or any other Lumia device it also supports a special feature called lenses. Lenses are a great way to enhancing the features of the camera. Few lenses such as Panorama, Cinemagraph, Smart Shoot etc comes pre installed on the device.

sccreenshot (3)sccreenshot (4)

You can download more lenses from the Windows Store. Two cool lenses which we would recommend you are Photosynth and Burton lens.

Here are few sample images captured using the 8 megapixel camera present on the device :

WP_20130313_006 WP_20130313_014 WP_20130313_028 WP_20130313_034 WP_20130314_001 WP_20130314_002 WP_20130314_005 WP_20130314_010

We have also recorded a full HD (1080p) video using the camera present on the device.

Overall, Lumia 820 has a good camera which can capture some amazing shots. Here is a video overview of the Lumia 820 camera.

Battery Life

Lumia 820 comes with a 1650mAh removable battery. It has a rated talk time of around 8 hours on 3G and 14 hours on 2G. On average usage the battery would last for a day.

nokia lumia 820 batter

The phone also has a feature called battery saver which gets activated once the battery level drops down to 20%. It turn off all the connectivity features to make your battery last little longer.


Lumia 820 is a great smartphone with good build quality. The device is bit heavy as compare to other smartphone in the market which can be a negative point for some users. The device is quite powerful and does not lac anywhere in terms of performance. The display of the device has somewhat low resolution and we expected a HD display.

nokia lumia 820  front

The phone has an average camera and decent battery life. One of the reason why people still avoid Windows Phone is the lack of apps available on the Windows Store. One feature which is quite interesting is the removable covers and a range of colors. You would be more than happy if you opt for this device unless you want a HD display. So if you are looking for a device with the best camera quality, battery life and the display resolution then you should go for Lumia 920 else you can opt for this device. You might wanna check our comparison of the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920 :

Here is an video review of the Lumia 820 :


  • Good build quality
  • Decent Camera quality
  • Optional wireless charging
  • Expandable storage


  • Average Display
  • Lac of apps on Windows Store
  • Hard to remove the back panel

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