NNG Launches the ‘iGO Primo Nextgen’ Navigation in India

Raising the navigation software to a new level, NNG found the scope of improvement in the currently available products and therefore developed a new technology called as ‘iGO primo nextgen’, localizing it for India.


India being a diverse country with similar roads and names across states making it difficult for some of the big players to navigate through these routes. NNG designed specifically to cater these automotive needs, based on their 10 years of experience in the country launched this technology. This iGO primo nextgen features an adaptive HMI for over 30 car manufacturers allowing easy customization for different hardware, screen size and resolution, and being platform-independent at the same time.


The flexibility and adaptability is clearly visible with its support for multimodal data entry, including touch screen, rotary controller, and voice control, as well as a combination of these technologies. This is not only profitable for the OEM’s but for also the end consumer who in the end will be buying the product.

Seemless integration with smartphones, it will allow weather updates, parking help, local help and traffic updates that shall assist you to enjoy a smooth drive. These additional features are planned for the next phase but for now is the introduction of this product in the Indian market.


ANS, as the strategic partner of NNG in India will further aid in providing the necessary customer understanding and customer support. Due to the cooperation of the two companies, iGO primo nextgen is to be available on the market from late August for current and potential automotive partners of NNG and ANS.

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