MOCAheart Simplifies Monitoring Cardiovascular Health From Home

On the occasion of World Heart Day, Mocacare has introduced MOCAheart, a smart device which can intuitively help you monitor your heart, without wearing any inconvenient cuffs or other complicated gadgets.


Just like standard smartphone heartrate sensors, MOCAheart scans your thumb and measures blood and velocity in veins underneath. It then processes the date to caluclate, heart rate, blood oxygen level and MOCA Index, which is an overall indicator of your Cardiovascular health.

Mocacare claims that MOCA Index was  created with reference to multiple and extensive research studies by institutions including MIT & Stanford that have consistently shown a correlation between the pressure exerted by the heart and the speed at which blood travels through the body.

It assumes a value between 1 and 5 and thus is easier to process by general populace. MOCA Index values from 1 to 5 represent Low, Ideal, Raised, High or Very High respectively. You will be able to view this value using the proprietary iOS App. The app also gives graphical representation of this data over a period of time and recommends steps you can take to make your heart healthier

We are excited to introduce MOCAheart and realize our ambition of empowering people to proactively monitor their heart health without interrupting their lifestyle,” said Naama Stauber, co–founder and COO of MOCACARE. “By combining the latest developments in technology and medical science we have been able to deliver a device that will empower millions to effectively and effortlessly track cardiovascular health in taking action to prevent or minimize the well–known risks associated with heart disease.” 

In the competitive and complicated world we all live in, Heart problems are quite common and escalating. A simple gadget as this could timely alert you to take necessary measures and avoid catastrophic long term effects.

You can buy MOCAheart from for $149.

Key Features of MOCAheart:

  • Measures Heart Rate (HR), Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2) and MOCA INDEX (MI)
  • Materials: Medical–grade stainless steel and biocompatible plastic
  • Sensors: Optical sensor and electrode
  • Dedicated iOS MOCAheart app (Android coming soon).
  • Displays history and trend views and automatically records environmental factors such as weather and location
  • Provides ability to add notes to each reading and send results via in–app message
  • Battery life: 3 days (3~5 times use per day)
  • Battery recharge: 40-60 min by micro USB
  • Dimension: 1 3/8” x 2 3/4” x 1/4” (35 x 70 x 6.35 mm)
  • Weight: est. 0.7 oz~ 1 oz (20~30g)
  • Accessories: MOCA leather keychain, MOCA phone case (currently for iPhone 6 only, Android cases coming soon)
  • Supports iOS 8 HealthKit

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