Microsoft Enumerates Its Efforts To Connect With Hindi Speaking Consumers

Linguistic diversity in India is spread across have 22 major languages, written in 13 different scripts, with over 720 dialects.  On the occasion of World Hindi Day, i.e. 10th Jan, Microsoft acknowledges and enumerates different measures it has taken in the past 15 years to connect with India that communicates in Hindi.

Microsoft Windows and Office, which are treated as basic computer skills across the globe support 14 Indian languages including Hindi. Not only PC, Windows 10 running smartphones also include keyboards that let you type in 10 regional languages including Hindi.


Besides, if anyone is communicating with a Hindi speaking personnel on Skype, they can always benefit from Hindi translator which can instantly translate messages from English to Hindi and vice versa. Or you could rely on Microsoft’s dedicated translator app that works across smartphones, tablets, Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.

If you are looking for a piece of information, you can always search in Hindi on Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. You can download Microsoft Language Interface Packs for system wide Hindi support.

Microsoft has also started working on Project Bhasha that brings together academia, research institutions, Government of India and local developers to promote Hindi level computing.

In 2016, focus of all tech magnets have aligned their focus on India. This is where all the action is and this is where the next billion users will connect to the digital world. Language and connectivity are the major hurdle, and companies like Microsoft and Google are already working on pragmatic solutions.

Author: Pooja

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