The Mesmerising Honor 8 Lite Is Certainly The Best Designed Phone In Its Class

Huawei recently launched a new mid-range phone, Honor 8 Lite, which, as the name suggests, is a slightly more affordable variant of Honor 8 and surprisingly manages to deliver almost the same premium experience as its elder sibling. Priced at 17,999, the Honor 8 Lite looks perfectly stunning and is perhaps one of the best-looking smartphones that you can buy for under Rs. 20,000.

In a budget where most manufacturers are still clinging to plastic build with metal finish or are following a template design of a metal plate on the rear sandwiched between plastic caps at top and bottom, Huawei goes all in and offers a phone with glass on both front and back and a metal side frame in the middle that makes it look extremely premium.

The use of pre-eminent materials isn’t the only thing that makes Honor 8 Lite stand out, though. The meticulous attention Huawei has paid to design details adds up rather nicely to make a fine product.

Owing to a 5.2-inch display size, the new Honor 8 Lite is quite compact and is thus very comfortable to use and carry around. The aforementioned display is quite sharp (Full HD) and offers vivid color and high contrast and thus aptly compliments the luxurious Honor 8 Lite feel rather well. Moreover, bezels to the side of the display are extremely narrow.

The chin of the phone is deftly subdued by the Honor insignia on it. On the top, you will find the earpiece, selfie camera and the usual sensors. The entire fascia is covered with aesthetically appealing 2.5D Curved glass.

Huawei has managed to restrict the thickness to just 7.6mm which further adds to its appeal. And in spite of the premium compact design, Huawei managed to fit in a capacious 3000mAh battery, that too without inflating the weight of the handset. The Honor 8 Lite tips the scale at just 147 grams. The weight is well balanced and makes the phone feel substantial.

The Volume rocker is placed on the right and is will be within reach of your fingers at all times. On the left edge, Huawei has placed the hybrid dual SIM tray. The 3.5mm audio jack is present on the top and the charging port flanked by the dual speaker grills is present at the bottom.

On the rear, the camera module and LED flash sits flush with the device. Huawei is using a decent size 12MP sensor paired with a LED flash and still ensures that you don’t have to endure any inconvenient camera hump.

The fingerprint sensor on the rear is extremely snappy. And due to the compact footprint of the device, your index finger will naturally rest on the biometric scanner. Besides unlocking the phone, the fingerprint reader can also be used to swipe down the notification shade, to scroll through a page or to navigate through the photo gallery. The fingerprint gestures get registered flawlessly and come in handy every now and then.

All of that makes Honor 8 Lite a damn good looking phone. At a time where there is no real design innovation to relish for budget smartphones, Honor 8 Lite serves as a refreshing change of pace. A unique, ergonomic, and stylish design goes a long way in enhancing your smartphone experience, even when new buyers don’t realize it. And thus, Huawei’s distinct ability to deliver so comfortable and slick a phone at this price point deserves some admiration

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