Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Review

Usually people don’t require a keyboard for their iPad. Typing on the onscreen board is quite easy and simple. One of the main disadvantage of the onscreen keyboard is that it takes up lot of space on the screen. Other disadvantage of a onscreen keyboard is the slow typing speed for the people who are involved in writing projects. There are number of keyboard cases available for iPad in the market. One of them is Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover .

logitech ultrathin keyboard diagonal view

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is available in India at a best buy price of Rs 5,600. Unlike other keyboard cases, this one looks as stylish as the iPad. The keyboard cover with the iPad looks like an ultrathin laptop. The cover has a metallic finish on the back and it matches the design and style of the iPad 2 and the new iPad. The front keyboard section is glossy black in nature.

logitech ultrathin keyboard with ipad

The build quality is superb and the design is as stylish as the iPad. It functions just like the smart cover. It clips on to the ipad in the same way as the Appleā€™s own Smart Cover does, using a magnetic clip and keeps the front part of your iPad and the display safe. The keys are well spaced out and they have a good tactile feedback. It also has a home key present on the top left corner which functions just like the physical home button present on the iPad.

Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover

Unlike most of the keyboard covers this one does not have raised edges which hinders typing. Since a magnetic hinge is used to clip the iPad on the Keyboard cover it have smooth rounded edges which protects the front part of the ipad from getting scratched.

Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover edges

Just like a laptop keyboard there is a function key present which can be used with any of the numbers key to perform tasks like playing or pausing the music, locking the iPad etc. The one of the best thing about a keyboard is that it easily allows you to use commands like Ctrl+C to copy the text.

Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover keyboard

The iPad can be placed in the groove present on the keyboard cover either in landscape or the portrait mode. The groove is deep enough and won’t let your iPad tip over. When the iPad is placed in the groove the entire system is quite stable but you can’t use it shaky environments like while traveling in a car or bus.

Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover right side

After you place the iPad on they keyboard you would feel like you are working on a small laptop. The keyboard is not as big as the keyboard of a normal laptop but you would soon get use to it.

logitech ultrathin keyboard side

Talking about the ports present on the device, you have a microUSB port present on the left side of the keyboard cover for charging it. Along with the microUSB port you have a sliding power key and a bluetooth button. The bluetooth button can be used if you wish to connect your keyboard to another iPad in case you are already connected to another iPad.

Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover ports buttons

On the top of the keyboard cover you have a magnetic hinge which is used to clip the iPad with the cover. The magnet is not very strong and it might get dislodged while carrying it in a bag.

Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover magnetic clip

The thickness of the keyboard cover is nearly same as that of the iPad so after clipping the iPad onto the keyboard you won’t find a large package which you need to carry. In fact, the combination of keyboard cover with the iPad makes it look like a ultrathin laptop.

logitech ultrathin keyboard ipad clipped

Talking about the battery life of the device, it has a rated battery life of around 6 months if you use it for 2 hours a day. So you just need to charge it once and then you won’t need to worry about the battery atleast for some months. There is a small notification LED present on the keyboard which turns red when you need to charge the keyboard.

logitech ultrathin keyboard

We didn’t face any problems while using the keyboard with the iPad. We even wrote this review using the Logitech ultrathin keyboard with my iPad. Here is a quick video overview of the Logitech’s ultrathin keyboard cover to give you a better idea about the device.


Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover has very good build quality and design. Unlike most of the other keyboard covers for iPad it does not make your iPad look dull and boring but add to the beauty of the iPad. In fact, it is as stylish as the iPad. The keyboard works pretty well and you won’t face any problems while using it. It is light weight and thin, you won’t face much difficulties while carrying it around with you.

If you are a person who usually carries his/her iPad around and have lots of writing work then you may consider buying this keyboard. Only downside of the keyboard is its price, in India this keyboard is available at a best buy price of Rs 5,600 which is bit pricey. You can easily get cheaper keyboard covers in the market but you do need to compromise on the build quality and design.


  • Good Build quality & Design
  • Easy to type on the keyboard
  • Superb Battery life
  • Thin and light weight


  • Somewhat Pricey

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