Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 Review

G400 is one of the latest optical gaming Mouse launched by Logitech. The company calls it the new MX 518. Even on the retail box you would find “the new MX 518” printed on the lower right corner. Logitech MX518 is one of the most famous gaming mouse around the globe. G400 has a more powerful optical sensor, faster report rate, new color and lighter cable as compared to its predecessor MX 518.

logitech g400 top

Logitech G400 comes in a standard logitech gaming mouse box. You will just find the G400 and start-up guide/manual inside the box. We have made a small un-boxing video of the Logitech optical gaming mouse G400.


The G400 looks exactly like the MX 518.  The only difference in terms of design is the color. MX 518 comes with a glossy surface along with a dented metal optical illusion print whereas the G400 comes in a simple black and grey color combo. You would find two buttons to shift DPI one above and one below the scroll wheel. Just like MX 518 there is also a third button present below the scroll wheel to revert to the default DPI. Two directional keys are present on the left side of the mouse which can be configured according to user preferences.

logitech g400 left

In total we have 8 configurable buttons in G400 including the right click, left click and middle click.

The cable is now thinner and more flexible than the MX 518 cable so that it does not hinder much while playing games. The mouse along with cable weighs just 133 grams. At the bottom of the mouse you would find 2 big Polytetrafluoroethylene feet present at the top and the bottom. These feet provide a low friction mouse movement on almost any surface thereby providing smoother mouse movements.

logitech g400 bottom

Overall, G400 has a great design just like MX 518 and it’s battle tested shape with rubberized sides allows you to play games for hours and hours. G400 buttons are rated up to 10 million clicks and feet tested to 250 km, so you can use this durable mouse or a very long time.

logitech g400 right


Logitech G400 comes with a 3600 DPI optical engine which provides pinpoint accuracy and precision targeting while playing your favorite games. What we really liked about the G400 is its consistent response ratio less than 0.5% which translates hand movements to the same amount of cursor movement giving you better precision and control in games. Company has also increased the report rate from 125 in MX 518 to 1000 in the new MX 518 or the G400. With such a high report rate G400 is able to communicate over USB 8 times faster than its predecessor or other standard USB mice.

logitech g400 front

Now lets talk about one of the best feature the G400 i.e in game DPI shift. Yea you can shift the DPI levels while playing games. All you need to do is use any of the 3 buttons in order to increase, decrease the DPI of choose the default DPI. By Default G400 comes with 4 predefined DPI levels i.e 400, 800, 1800 and 3600. You can even customize the DPI levels according to your needs by using the Logitech Gaming Software.

You just need to install the software, run it and you would get various options customize the G400. You can change the number of DPI levels (maximum 5 dpi levels) and assign a DPI to each level. You even get an option to select the DPI level which you want to set as default which can be easily accessed by simply pressing the default DPI button. You also get a option to set the report rate from 125 to 1000 according to your needs. Besides this there are some advance options such as enhancing the pointer precision.

g400 software 2

You can customize all the 8 buttons. You can simple select the command you want to set for a particular button. This is one of the coolest thing I like about gaming mouse i.e customizing every button according to your needs.

g400 software


We really liked the G400 optical gaming mouse and it is truly a successor to the MX 518. We played Counter Strike 1.6 for around 5 hours using the G400 and it was totally comfortable and great experience. We were able to quickly shift the DPI while sniping using the default DPI button. The great build quality and powerful optical engine gives it an advantage over other gaming mice in the same price range. We highly recommend this Mouse to the gamers looking for an affordable gaming mouse with great build quality and powerful features.

Pros :

  • In Game DPI Shift
  • Configurable 8 Buttons
  • 3600 dpi optical sensor
  • 1 millisecond report rate

Cons :

  • Not So Good Scroll Wheel

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