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Logitech has launched a diminutive wireless, portable speaker Mini Boombox. This wireless speaker can be carried around anywhere with an ease and play music using Bluetooth as well as a line in port which can be used to connect a device with the speaker using a 3.5mm audio jack. Now you can hear great sounds everywhere you go.

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Usually people do not expect much from a portable speaker. The small size and portability are the main focus and many companies reduce the sound quality of the speaker in order to make it more portable. But this is not the case with Logitech Mini Boombox. Logitech’s Mini boombox produces amazing sounds with great clarity and it is really small and portable.

Design and size

Before opening the box we thought that the speaker would be occupying whole of the space inside the box but we were wrong. When we opened the box for reviewing the device we found that the speaker is really small in size. The size of mini boombox is incredibly small which really impressed us. It is even smaller than your palm and is light weight too.When this mini sound beast is turned on, six red touch buttons appears on the screen. These are for start, pause, and skip between the tracks, volume controls, and connection to Bluetooth device.

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It is incredibly easy to connect Logitech Mini Boombox via Bluetooth. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth of you smartphone, hold the Bluetooth touch button and search the Bluetooth devices on your smartphone. After the list is displayed select “mini boombox” on your smartphone Bluetooth list and that’s it. Connection using Bluetooth is really easy. You can play your favorite music from your smartphone on mini boombox Wirelessly after the connection.

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Though these days there is hardly any device or smart phone which comes without Bluetooth. Still for devices without Bluetooth or for devices having problem with Bluetooth, physical connection is also possible using 3.5mm jack. Thus devices without Bluetooth will not feel left out! It can also be used as a speakerphone as it has an inbuilt mic. The inbuilt mic is great for phone calls as well as for video chats.


Logitech Mini boombox gives great sound for nonstop 10hours which is really impressive for a such a small device. This device also switches itself off after 1hour of inactivity thus saving battery when you are not using it. It is charged using a USB cable that comes with it.


We were really surprised to find out that the sound quality was really great and even better than some of the bulky speakers. High pitch sounds were very clear and the bass level is just superb. Keeping the size of this speaker in mind sound quality is simply awesome. Not only the volume of sound it produces but also the quality of sound is remarkable. Logitech has researched a lot on the acoustic chamber of mini boombox that delivers great sound with enhanced bass.


You can buy these awesome speakers for just 6,999INR from the logitech’s website.


Logitech mini boombox produces amazing sound and connection using Bluetooth is really easy. You can connect your smartphone/tablet/laptop to it and play music easily. The range of wireless reception is very impressive. The sound quality and connectivity features make it stand out of the crowd in the portable speaker market.

Here is a small video showing how to connect Logitech mini boombox speaker to a device using Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack.

Logitech Mini BoomBox Images

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