Logitech launches Wireless Keyboards, Rechargeable Touchpad and Touch Mice For Windows 8 in India

Logitech has launched 5 new devices for Windows 8 which includes Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650, Touch Mouse T620, Zone Touch Mouse T400, Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 and Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R. All the devices have been designed to work with Windows 8 touch interface seamlessly. These devices would provide the touch screen like experience to the users while using Windows 8.

Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

Logitech-Bluetooth-Illuminated-Keyboard-K810The keyboard has sleek design and comes with brushed aluminium finish. It has laser-etched backlit keys which have auto-adjusting illumination that automatically brightens during low light conditions of at night and dims in high light conditions. The keyboard also has a proximity sensor which turns on the key lights when you bring your hands near the keyboard. You can recharge the keyboard via USB cable and it gives around 10 days of battery life on a full charge. It also has some specific keys like app switching key which lets you switch between apps quickly. It is available in the Indian markets for a price tag of Rs 8,295.

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R


It has comfortable living room keyboard layout and can be operated from upto 10m distance. It contains one touch keys for quick media control and it has a 3.5 inch built-in touchpad with multi-touch navigation. K400R is also compatible with previous versions of windows but has limited touch gestures for them. It runs on 2x AA batteries and has an awesome battery life of around 12 months so you don’t need to worry about changing the batteries for an entire year. K400R is available in India for a suggested retail price of Rs 2,995.

Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650


It consists of a large ultra smooth glass surface which helps you in quick navigation while using your windows PC/Laptop. It supports various Windows 8 gestures like pinch to zoom, three finger swipe to take you back to the home screen etc. One of the best feature of the Touchpad T650 is that you can use left or right click anywhere on the surface of the touchpad. It recharges via USB and has up to one month of battery life on a full charge. It also has an On/Off switch and a low battery indicator so that you know when you need to charge the Touchpad. It is now available in the Indian market at a price tag of Rs 4,995.

Logitech Touch Mouse T620


It has a full touch surface which provides fluid navigation to the user. You can easily use various gestures even on the edges to perform various tasks such as horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling and app switching. It has a laser grade optical sensor for precision tracking on most of the surfaces. It has a great battery life of around 6 months and it is available in India at a suggested retail price of Rs 4,295.

Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400


This mouse has been specially designed to let you access various features of the operating system quickly and easily. It lets you perform both horizontal and vertical scrolling with your fingers on the glass touch surface of the mouse. You can even just touch on the front of the touch zone on mouse to directly go to the Windows 8 Start Screen. It has an amazing battery backup of upto 18 months. It also has On/Off switch and a low battery indicator light just like Logitech Touchpad T650.  You can buy this mouse in India for a price tag of Rs 2,895.

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