Logitech launches new products under G-Series

Logitech has launched 10 new products under the G-Series. Company has launched four keyboards (G19s, G510s, G13, G105s), three mice (G500s, G400s, G100s), two headsets (G430,G230) and one mouse-keyboard combo (G100s).

G510s Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G510s

The keyboard has a LCD panel which displays real-time game stats, system information, VoIP communication data, and much more. It is a backlit keyboard and the brightness can be adjusted according to user preferences. G510s has 18 programmable G-keys and has a 500 Hz (two millisecond) report rate.

G19s Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard has been designed for professional gamers and it features a color Game Panel LCD.  The screen displays in-game information, VoIP communication data, clock, CPU loadand much more. It has 12 fully programmable G-keys which can be programmed according to user needs.

G13 Advanced Gameboard

It comes with 25 fully programmable G-Keys and it has a backlit Game panel LCD which displays real-time game stats, system information, VoIP communication data etc. It also has a programmable mini joystick.

G105 Gaming Keyboard

It is an entry level Gaming keyboard and offers 6 programmable G-Keys, multi-key input, Game-Mode Switch and much more. The game mode switch button can be used to turn off the windows key so that the game does not gets interrupted even if you accidentally presses the windows key. It also has one-touch controls for quick media access.

G500s Laser Gaming Mouse

Logitech G500s

It has a special gaming grade laser engine which provides a maximum hand speed of 165 inches per second (ips) and a maximum acceleration force of 30 gs. Users can set the DPI of the mouse from 200 to 8200 DPI according to their needs.

G400s Optical Gaming Mouse

G400s is the successor of the famous G400 and it features an exclusive Delta Zero sensor optimizations for high accuracy cursor control. G400s has a LED-illuminated sensor, 4000 DPI, 20 million click lifespan and 8 programmable buttons.

G100s Optical Gaming Mouse

Just like G400s it also has a Delta Zero sensor optimizations for high accuracy cursor control. It has an optical sensor and 2500 DPI. The DPI can be adjusted anywhere between 250 to 2500 according to user preferences.

G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

It features a 7.1 surround sound with Dolby Headphone technology and comes with an on-cable control which allows users to quickly mute and access volume controls. G430 has a lightweight and durable design and its superior noise cancelling provide an amazing experience to the gamers.

G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

It comes with 40mm neodymium drivers for an amazing gaming experience. It has a lightweight and balanced design and a user hardly feels the weight of the headset. It comes with an extra long cable and has on-cable controls for quickly muting the sound or changing the volume.

G100s Combo

If you are looking for a decent gaming keyboard & mice combo then G100s can be a perfect choice for you. The mouse has a 2500 DPI optical sensor and has on the fly DPI switching feature. The keyboard comes with 2 USB ports so that users can directly plug-in their pen drives in the keyboard.

All the above mentioned gaming accessories are now available in India at the below mentioned prices.


  • G19s Gaming Keyboard – Rs 16,495
  • G510s Gaming Keyboard –  Rs 9,995
  • G13 Advanced Gameboard – Rs 5,125
  • 105 Gaming Keyboard – Rs3,295
  • G500s Laser Gaming Mouse – Rs 5,995
  • G400s Optical Gaming Mouse – Rs 3,295
  • G100s Optical Gaming Mouse – Rs 1,995
  • G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset – Rs 6,495
  • G230 Stereo Gaming Headset -Rs 5,495
  • G100s Combo – Rs. 3,095

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