LG India Tech Show 2015: Announcements

LG which is considered as one of the leader consumer durables in the world, launched many new gadgets and technology in its third Tech Show. This year’s Tech show was held in New Delhi and witnessed the launch of few amazing gadgets like LG G Flex2, 105 5K TV and many more.

Mr. Soon Kwon, MD, LG India with the LG 105 5 K TV and LG GFlex 2

LG displayed many products which includes Smart Invertor 2.0 Refrigerator, World’s first 77 4K curved OLED, Stylish Front loading Washing Machine with NFC technology, Web OS 2.0 TV, Music Flow etc. There were over 200 innovative products at the tech show which proved the innovative and futuristic thinking of the brand.

Major Products launched at LG India Tech Show 2015

  • World’s First and India’s largest 105 5K TV: It is first of its kind TV with a huge 266cm/105inch screen which offers amazing picture quality and sound effect. It offers 4K+3D and gesture features. This TV surely represents the next generation of television technology. This amazing TV will be available at INR 59, 99,900.
  • G Flex 2: This was the most awaited gadget and was finally launched at the Tech Show. The device boasts a 5.5 inch Full HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 4K video recording, integrated X10 LTE, curved back, Self-healing back cover and laser auto focus camera technology. The expected price for phone is INR 55k and it will be available from May or June.
  • The Smart Invertor 2.0 Refrigerator: This unique refrigerator is designed with an innovative technology known as Smart connect and Smart Diagnosis which ensures smart power management and energy saving. This device is available in 255L-495L capacity and is priced at INR 26,500 – 66,100
  • LG Inverter V AC with Mosquito Away Technology: This is something unique and innovative which uses ultrasonic waves to keep mosquitoes away from the room. It offers fast and best powerful cooling and the best part about this AC is that it uses non-toxic technology for keeping mosquitoes away. This product is available in three models which are 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 ton and are placed in the price range of INR 45,990 to 66,990.
  • World’s First 77 4K Curved OLED: This TV uses two of the best technologies which are 4K and organic light emitting diode and offers four times better resolution then Full HD. The TV has got slim design and is equipped with amazing sound system designed by Harmon/Kardon. There is no news on the price range of this product.
  • Stylish Front Loading Washing Machine: This is not like any other washing machine as it uses NFC smart technology which is a Smart Diagnosis feature which helps customer service representatives to easily troubleshoot the mechanical issues.

Apart from these awesome products, many hero products were also launched which involves top load washing machine, 98 4K Ultra HD TV, Gaming Monitor, LED MiniBeam Projectors etc.

Author: Deepak Kumar

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