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LG G3 is the latest flagship device from LG Electronics and it is the second smartphone in the country which features a QHD display. It is the successor of highly popular LG G2, which was one of the best Android smartphone in 2013. To know more about LG G2 read our detailed LG G2 Review. So, is LG G3 a worthy successor? And can it compete with the other flagship devices like HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z2? Read on to find out.


Here is an unboxing video of the LG G3 showing various items you get with the device in the Indian retail package.

Retail Box Contents:

  • LG G3 (with 3,000 mAh battery)
  • Micro USB cable
  • USB Charging Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

Design & Build Quality

LG G3 has inherited the design from its predecessor LG G2 and it is undoubtedly one of the best looking device available in the market. The device has a brushed metal look but once you hold the device in your hand it becomes clear that it is all plastic. Just like G2 company has followed the nearly zero bezel approach and it comes with a curved back.


The device is 8.9 mm thick but thanks to the curved back and no buttons on the edges, it is very comfortable to hold the phone in your hand.  LG G3 comes with a 5.5 inch display and above it sits the earpiece, 2.1 megapixel camera, notification LED, proximity & ambient light sensors. You can easily configure the notification LED from settings.


Below the display we just have a LG logo and no physical touch buttons as the phone comes with on screen buttons.


At the top, we have an IR Led to use the device as a remote control and a secondary mic. MicroUSB port and 3.5mm Audio jack along with primary mic is present at the bottom of the device. Since all the buttons are present on the back of the device, LG G3 does not have any ports/buttons on the edges.


Moving to the back of the device, we have 13 megapixel camera with dual tone LED flash on the left and laser AF unit on the right side of the camera unit. Below the camera you have the volume up and volume down buttons, with the power key between them. The buttons now come with a better design and texture. They are easy to locate and you will get used to it in just couple of days.


At the bottom of the back we have a loudspeaker which has quite good output. If you open the back panel you will find the 3,000 mAh battery, micro SIM card slot and micro SD slot underneath it.

Overall, we really liked the design and build quality of LG G3. Company has worked hard on removing the limitations of LG G2 i.e non-removable battery and no expandable storage.


LG G3 comes with a 5.5 inch Quad HD IPS display, which is clearly the best in the market. A QHD display has 4 times more pixel than the normal 720p display, this makes the display look very sharp and good. The display has a 534 ppi pixel density and it has good colour reproduction, viewing angles and brightness levels.

The difference between a HD and full HD is quite noticeable but this is not the case between full HD and QHD displays. You won’t notice major difference in the displays but still you can notice more details in the display like app icons are now more sharper.

Hardware & Performance

The phone is powered by a snapdragon 801 chip with four cores running at 2.5Ghz along with Adreno 330 GPU for graphics. The device is available in two variants – 2 GB RAM variant with 16 GB internal storage and 3 GB RAM variant with 32 GB internal storage. We have the 16 GB model with us which has 2 GB RAM out of which 700 MB was free to use.


The device can manage all the tasks and apps with ease we didn’t face any lag or slowness while browsing through the home screens or while opening or closing the apps. The interface is quite smooth and only point where you might face a little lag is while running a lot of apps in the background. We ran some benchmark tests on the device to see how does it perform and you can check out the video below to see the results:

The device performed pretty well in all the 3 benchmark tests – Antutu, Quadrant standard and Nenamark 2. So according to synthetic benchmarks this is a powerful device but to test the real performance we decided to play some high end games on the device. Here is the Gaming Review of LG G3:

Some users think that QHD display might take a toll on the gaming performance of the device but clearly this is not the case with LG G3. You can really enjoy all kind of games on this device without any lag or heating problems.

Talking about internal storage, 11.5 GB out of 16 GB is available for users but since G3 supports microSD card, you should not worry about the storage issues. On connectivity front, it supports LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS.


LG G3 runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS along with LG’s new flat design UI. The new style is bit similar to the Google’s Material Design ideology which was showcases at the Google IO this year. Talking fist about the lock screen, you can completely customize it with unlock sounds, app shortcuts, widgets and wallpapers.

Screenshot_2014-09-15-09-16-06 Screenshot_2014-09-15-09-30-32

The phone comes with LG Knock on and Knock Code. Knock on allows the user to turn on the display by simply double tapping on it and Knock code for users who want to secure their devices. LG knock code feature allows the user to create a knock pattern to unlock the device.


You can even customize the on screen buttons, by default there are three buttons but you can add upto five buttons. For extra buttons you can choose from notification bar drop down shortcut, dual window, Qmemo or Qslide. The Dual window feature allows the user to run two apps simultaneously with an adjustable divider between them.


Users can even customize the multitasking window by using the pinch gestures to adjust the number of active applications which are displayed in the window. The device comes with a pre-installed heath app called as LG health which can be used to manage your health.


Just like other flagship devices LG G3 also has a guest mode which restricts the data and features that user can access on your phone. Some other interesting apps pre-loaded on the device are Quick Remote, ThinkFree viewer, Mcafee security and Smartworld which let users download themes, wallpapers etc.


LG G3 has a 13 megapixel back camera with dual tone LED flash, laser assisted autofocus and OIS+ (optical image stabilization). The last assisted autofocus is used to find the distance between the object and the camera quickly and more accurately.

LG G3 probably has the fastest Auto focus in the market. The OIS+  helps in capturing sharp and good images even with shaky hands. Here are some sample images taken using the back camera of the device :

20140911_072009_HDR 20140915_092607 20140915_092619 20140915_092713 20140915_092733 20140915_092642

The quality of captured images is pretty good. The images have natural colour reproduction and good details. Overall, Camera present on the device is clearly one of the best available in the market right now.

Battery Life

LG G3 comes with a removable 3,000 mAh battery which looks sufficient to power a device but then again, this phone comes with a QHD display. The device supports wireless charging and it comes with a in-built battery management app that turns on the Battery Save mode when battery level falls below 30%.


With Moderate usage the phone lasted for an entire day but with heavy usage we had to look for the charger in the evening. Though the battery is not that bad but there are few flagship devices in the market which comes with a better battery life. As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons is the QHD display which ends up consuming more power but at the same time provides better visual experience.


LG G3 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphone available in the market. The device features a QHD display which is currently one of the best displays available in the market. It does not lack anywhere in terms of performance, camera quality or software. LG has mastered the Art of making smartphones with good build quality & design.

One thing which could have been improved in the device is its battery life. We highly recommend you to check out the LG G3 if you are looking for a flagship smartphone. It may not be the perfect smartphone but we can definitely call it as an “Almost Perfect Flagship Smartphone”.


  • Beautiful QHD Display
  • Great Design & Build Quality
  • Good Performance
  • Powerful Camera with Laser AF & OIS+


  • Battery life lower than expected

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