LeTV Announces Le 1s Superphone and 120″ uMax Super TV

LeTV today announced the world’s largest 3D 4K HDTV and its latest smartphone Le 1s. The company launched its latest smartphone which is the world’s first flagship phone to feature an all-metal body with Fingerprint scanner and fast charging technology. There are no visible screws on the device which makes it look like a luxurious phone.

The smartphone is named as 1s and features a bezel-less and full metal body. It is powered by a Helio X10 Turbo Octo Core processor and is supported by a 3 GB of RAM. The device also offers 32 GB of internal storage and reversible Type-C charger with fast SpeedVolt technology. It boasts of a 5.5” IPS LCD display and 3000 mAh of battery. The most interesting feature in the phone is the “Le Touch” which is world’s first mirror fingerprint sensor that can easily double as a camera shutter button.


It is also the first smartphone to be sold at a price lower than its cost. The company has sold over 1 million units of smartphones and is the fastest brand to break the million unit sales threshold.

The company also launched the world’s first and only 120” 3D 4K HDTV which is named uMax Super TV. The TV features world’s only 10th generation Sharp SDP 120” 4K panel and has inbuilt 1.4GHz Quad Core Mali T760 GPU with support for 60 frames 4K video hardware decoding. The TV is manufactured by Foxconn and is crafted especially by hand due to its big size and weight.

Le is also planning to enter into the auto industry as the company shared the details of the first EV model which indicates that it has completed the testing and will soon be revealed at the Beijing Auto Show next year.

The company also launched the updated version of the EUI 5.5. EUI 5.5 is an internet ecosystem that simultaneously displays content and reduces the need for flipping between apps, across TV, sports, games etc. The Le 1s smartphone is priced around $175 and the uMax Super TV at around $80,000 and will soon be available in the market.

Author: Deepak Kumar

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