Krusell Malmo Wallet+Cover 2 in1 Case for iPhone 6

We are living in a world of technology where carrying a smartphone is a must thing. While for once you can survive without a phone but once you miss your wallet your home, things start getting bad. Now, you can make a reminder to carry both phone and wallet with you or you can use Krusell Malmo Wallet Cover 2 in 1 Case.


Just imagine a thing which can act both as a mobile case and a wallet. This amazing thing is what we call as Krusell Malmo Wallet Cover 2in1 Case. In this post we are going to tell you more about this thing which is specifically designed for iPhone 6.

Krusell Malmo Wallet Cover 2 in 1 case is basically a mobile case cum wallet in which you can carry your iPhone 6 as well as your credit/debit cards. It is handmade from man made leather and comes with a lifetime warranty. The built quality of the case is just amazing and it looks beautiful too.


Coming to the looks of the case. The case is available in black color only which looks classic. Both the front side and back side of this cover is pretty much sturdy. The cover is made of a high quality material which is the reason it is strong enough to withstand average load. When you open the cover, you will see a case attached with a magnetic mechanism on the right side and on the left side you will see slots for placing cards.


The case is detachable which means you can also use the cover and case separately. This cover works on the basis of magnetic effect which means there is no need to use any kind of glue, button or sticker which makes it effortless to use.


To use the cover, all you need to do is remove the phone case by slightly tilting it on any side. Now, you need to put the case on your iPhone 6. You will see that the case gets easily attached to the iPhone 6 and even after attaching, all the ports and buttons remain clearly visible and easy to access.


Once you have attached the case with the phone, now you need to put back the case on the cover. For doing so, you will need to slightly press the case over the cover and it will get firmly attached to it. You can even access the camera with case and cover on it as there are slots left for accessing it. On the left side of the cover there are three slots for placing debit/credit cards, shopping cards and you can even place notes in these slots.


The cover again uses magnetic mechanism for opening and closing. The best thing about this cover is that you can access calls or talk with lid closed which means there is no need to remove the phone from the cover to speak during a call. This amazing Krusell Malmo Wallet Cover 2 in1 Case for iPhone 6 is available at just €29 at their official website.

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