Krusell Malmo Flip Wallet Slide 5XL Case Unboxing & Review

In our last post, we told you about an amazing phone case which was Krusell Malmo Wallet +Cover 2 in 1 case. If that was not enough, Krusell has come up with yet another amazing phone case and this time it’s just beyond exceptional. Basically it is similar to Krusell Malmo Wallet + cover 2 in 1 case as it also offers three slots for placing Debit/Credit Cards, Notes and other important cards. Now, you may be wondering that how is this case different from the previous one. Let us show you the unboxing video of the case and you will understand.

The best part of Krusell Malmo Flip Wallet Slide is that it is a universal case. Just imagine a case which works perfectly for both a 5 inch phone and a 6 inch phablet. Well, this case is the result of that imagination. This case offers four sizes from 2XL to 5XL and in our unboxing video we showed you how perfect it was for Galaxy Note Edge which is a pretty big device.


The case is based on a Swedish Design and is made from handmade leather. It is slim fit case with a sustainable design. Another thing to focus here is that Krusell offer lifetime warranty on this case which means the company is very much confident on the build quality of their product. The case can also be used for watching video and movies as it also offers stand function.


How does Krusell Malmo Flip Wallet Slide Case Works?

The case works on the slider mechanism. If you open the case, you will find a small slider or call sticky pad on the right side and on the left side you will find slots for keeping your valuable cards and money. Now, you just need to remove the sticky film from that sticky pad and place your smartphone on the pad. Don’t worry about the adhesive as it is a high quality adhesive and it won’t leave any mark on the back panel of the phone.


Now, your phone is perfectly secure and safe. There is a magnetic mechanism for opening and closing of the case and you will see that the case fits perfectly for the device. You don’t even need to keep the case open while taking a call as you just need to open it up for taking it and you can talk on it without even keeping it open for all the time.

The question arises, how to use the camera? Now, if you see the back panel of the case, you will realize that your device’s camera is not in good position to click picture. There is no need to worry as you can still click those amazing picture. Just slightly slide the phone from bottom until the camera from the back side of the phone is in position to click picture. If you want to use flash, you can slide it little more. Now, slide it back and you are good to go. Easy, simple and innovative.

The case is available on the Krusell’s official website at just €29.90 in variety of colors – Black, White, Blue, Mint and Pink.

Author: Deepak Kumar

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