Kalium Sound Heroes Is a Truely Unique Bluetooth Speaker With Smoke Dispenser

Kallium Sound Heroes is a one of a kind Bluetooth Speaker that features a humanoid shape polygonal design with each angle polished manually. The base of the speaker also functions as a wireless charging dock for your phone, a Wi-Fi range extender, and a subwoofer.

Moreover, it’s dock emits RGB light in 16 million colors. These speakers look even slicker when the ambient light reflects off the Polygonal body. There is even provision for smoke that surrounds the speaker to further add to the futuristic Sci-fi theme. The rear vent seamlessly merges with the polygonal design.

The light emitting from the dockcan dynamically change with the music beats. The smoke effect is water based and rechargeable. Both can be controlled using the Sound Heroes App.

As for audio output, these speakers have one 60W double magnet speaker, frequency response ranging from 120Hz to 20000KHz, a 30W double magnet subwoofer.You can also connect up to 12 Sound Heroes together for complete surround sound effect. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0, Aux input, 2 USB ports,  MicroUSB, and SD card.

The Sound Heroes is made from ABS plastic and has premium matte and metallic paints on top. It will be available in 10 color options inspired by Luxury cars. The colors are applied in three step process for better durability. These speakers will be available in two variants – AD’OM Prime and AD’OM Premium.

The Prime variant is smaller and is missing all cool perks including WiFi extender, Wireless charger, subwoofer and smoke dispenser. It still can emit light and has a reasonably smaller 8000mAh (Vs 10000mAh in the Premium variant) battery.

These speakers were introduced as crowdfunding project and attained the funding goal just within 4 minutes. For more details, you can also visit their campaign page.

Sound Heroes- futuristic Bluetooth speaker presentation [official video]

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