Juniper Networks releases 3rd Annual Mobile Threat Center (MTC) Report

Juniper Networks is one of the leading companies in the network innovation sector. They have a special research facility called as Juniper Networks Mobile Threat Center (MTC) dedicated to mobile security and privacy research. Today the company has released their third annual Mobile Threats Report according to which mobile malware threats is growing at an alarming rate of 614 percent. Here is an snapshot of the MTC report released by Juniper Networks:


Some of the highlights of the MTC report released this year:

  • Preying on High-Growth Market Opportunities: Malware for the Android OS increased from 24 percent (2010) of all mobile malware to 92 percent (2013).
  • More Effective Distribution: MTC identified more than 500 third party Android application stores worldwide. Most of these stores are known to host malware content and has very low accountability.
  • Multiple Paths to Big Profits: Around 73 percent of all known malware are either FakeInstallers or SMS Trojans. These malware trick people into sending SMS to premium rate numbers setup by hackers for quick & easy profit. each successful attack can cost the user upto $10.
  • Exploiting Industry Fragmentation: Only 4 percent of Android phone users are using the latest version of the OS. Older Android versions are more vulnerable to malware threats.
  • Increasing Privacy Violations: Juniper Networks has found that even the legitimate free applications pose a risk of leaking corporate data. According to the company free apps track your location and access user address books upto¬† times more than their paid counterparts.

The MTC report was created after analyzing more than 1.85 million mobile applications and vulnerabilities. It is one of the largest first-hand quantitative research studies of its kind.

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