Jawbone Unleashes 3 Fitness Trackers In India Starting From 4,999 INR

A San Francisco based company, Jawbone has today entered in Indian market with the launch of its three UP fitness trackers – UP Move, UP 2 and UP 3. These products will be exclusively available on online channel Amazon.in and will be priced at 4,999 INR, 9,999 INR and 14,999 INR respectively.


These products can help you to track your sleep, diet and other activities of the day and help you to better manage your lifestyle and overall wellness. There is a UP app which is integrates jawbones coaching system ‘Smart Coach’, which can guide users through their fitness regime, cater challenges for development and motivate them to improve their daily activities to stay healthy.

UP Move

up move image


It is an entry level tracker which connects to Smart Coach app and helps you to get fit. It is powered by MotionX technology which tracks daily routine like your steps and sleep. It has a LED display and comes in five attractive color tracker, clip and wrist strap combinations at 4,999 INR.


UP2 image

UP2 is a wearable tracker and works same as UP Move. Apart from this, it comes with integrated vibration motor for alarm and reminders. It has automatic sleep tracking and comes with ten days of battery backup. UP2 tracker comes in eight different color variants for Rs. 9,999 INR.


up3 image

UP3 is a wearable device which tracks your rest stage, heart rate, and automatic detailed sleep tracking stages like Wake, Light, and Deep. UP barcode scanner tracks your meals, calories so that Smart Coach can accordingly guide you to maximize or minimize your sleep and move you towards a better diet plan to improve your health. It comes with multi sensor platform, FOTA firmware update supported and with a week of battery backup. It comes in six different color options and is priced at 14,999 INR.

“We’re delighted to bring UP by Jawbone to India, a market where consumers are both design savvy and hugely interested in the latest consumer technology. With heart disease and diabetes remaining two of the major causes of death in India, keeping a healthy and active lifestyle has never been more important. Our UP bands help people better understand their health and well-being by tracking sleep, activity, and nutrition along with clear tools – through our UP app and Smart Coach system – to help them take action and live better. By combining the unique design of our UP activity trackers with our award-winning health app, Jawbone provides the best-in-class wellness solution for Indian consumers.” said Travis Bogard, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy, Jawbone.

UP Move, UP2 and UP3 are available for pre-order on Amazon.in. This UP product range can easily connect wirelessly with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. The UP App is available to free download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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