International calling now cheaper and even free in some cases

Gone are those days when International calling used to cost a fortune. I still remember the time when I had to call someone in London few years back, it did cost me a more than a usual amount. As far as I remember, the call charges that time were Rs. 17/ minute. Calculating for at least a 5 min talk, you have to spend Rs. 85 which today is too much to ask for a voice call.

With the developing technologies we have VoIP successfully overtaken the thefty mobile communication from cellphones to apps on cellphones at a much cheaper price. Adding to this, there are also some of the options that could make International calling absolutely free!

Yes, applications like Nimbuzz that have been developed for all platforms play the part for the communication medium over the Internet. Voice over Internet Protocol makes it possible for these apps to develop a communication channel which allows to transfer audio and video data packets. All they need is an similar account with both the parties who need to be in contact. There are a lot of services which offer free international calling. Some of them are as mentioned below:


Skype is one of the most popular VoIP service known for video calling from anywhere in the world. It was acquired by Microsoft and since then have been greatly integrated with Windows and Windows Phone. There are good apps for iOS and Android as well.

It supports both audio and video calling that too free of cost. There is also a service which allows to call any international number from Skype itself at low cost than any of the cellular service providers.


A WhatsApp like calling plus messaging service which is based on the same idea of using contact number as identification. Both the parties need to have their number registered with Viber with apps installed on their respective devices. Free calling and messaging along with some more features, FTW but if you need to call non-viber numbers, there’s Viber out.


The cross platform instant messaging service which has grown as the communication service introducing Nimbuzz out just like others which allows international calling at very nominal rates saving up to 95% of your telephone bill. There is always an option of free calling for Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz users.


Google Hangouts which emerged out of the revolutionary Google Talk instant messaging service. Free voice and video call on hangouts and free calling to US numbers for US users.

Facebook Messenger

Just like Hangouts, they too introduced video and audio chat which turned out to be a way to communicate as an alternative to Skype for friends connected via Facebook and who wish to stay connected via Facebook only.


Following the same concept but was launched much before along with Skype being it’s early rival. Free Fring to Fring calling and FringOut service to call international phone numbers at some cost. It also allows you to interconnect with many other phone services for cheap calling rates, or to use it as an office extension.

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