InkCase i6 – iPhone Case with E Ink display for iPhone 6/6s

There are thousands of Cases available for iPhone 6/6s but this one is unlike any of them. InkCase i6 features a 4.3” e-ink display which acts as a secondary screen to your iPhone.

A few years ago, Oaxis, Manufacturer of InkCase created a Kickstarter campaign for this, The support on the Kickstarter was massive as there was nothing like this before. The Kickstarter campaign was a huge success and it comes under the top 10 Kickstarter campaigns of 2014.

Coming back to the Case itself, It is more of an accessory than just a case which we use to protect our cell phones. Today we will do an in-depth review of the InkCase I6 and see if it is worth your money.

InkCase I6 is a case for your iPhone 6/6s with a 4.3” e-ink display. This is not the same display you get on your iPhone but rather a black/ white display you can use to display an image, a slideshow or even read ebooks. The case is run by a companion app which can be downloaded from App store, with that you can transfer photos or ebooks to the case’s 32MB storage via Bluetooth.


The case is very thin and light and can be easily used daily. I was expecting it to be big and bulky but believe me, once you put the case onto the iPhone, it doesn’t feel thick.

On the front of the case, you get a 4.3” non-touch sensitive e- ink display while on the back you get transparent plastic shell which attaches to your iPhone.

The e-ink module has its own storage and battery. To control the display, there are there touch capacitive buttons while there is one physical button to turn the screen on and off. The buttons work well and without any issues.


At first, I couldn’t understand the complete use of the case. For the first few days, I just added a slideshow of some images on the case. Later I had to read a book and I thought why not read it through the case itself. The reading experience on the case was much better as compared to the iPhone’s screen. The case can also be used to read notifications without turning on the phone.

You can also use the InkCase to track your daily fitness activity.  The App of the InkCase is very straight forward, after connecting your phone to the case you can add ebooks and images to the case and you are good to go.

The problem with the app is that it sends one page at a time and transferring an ebook with say 200 pages takes a lot of time. Expect that, the app works fine and you can use it to create your own black and white images which you can transfer to the case.

E- Reader UI

The UI on the case is pretty similar to what you will find on a kindle, You can change pages by sliding, Zoom in or out and change the text font. The only thing missing is anchor links, if there is a link in the eBook, you won’t be able to click it nor see the actual link where it redirects.

Battery Life & Verdict

The Battery lasts for around 2 weeks with the screen always on. This is pretty neat for such a small case. The InkCase I6 is one of the most innovative accessories you can buy for your phone. There are a lot of functions which you can perform with it like reading books, showing images, reading notifications etc. If you usually read books on your phone and want a stylish case then this product is for you.

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

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