Huawei P9: A success story

Huawei, which is the third largest Smartphone brand in the world following Samsung and Apple, heralds unprecedented sales figures for its new and innovative P9. The Chinese behemoth, which is now a globally recognized brand, has sold over 6 million units of its innovative dual camera smartphone since the P9 launch in April this year.

This is certainly a noteworthy milestone, and the numbers attest that a meaningful innovation that adds value to consumer experience is bound to be well received.

So, what makes Huawei P9 unique? Well, the primary highlight is the dual camera setup at the rear with precision built, high-quality Leica lenses. The P9 certainly isn’t the first phone with two cameras.

Manufacturers have been trying to make the formula work for quite some time now, and even today, you can easily count a handful of phones that offer the same setup. However, Huawei’s implementation is unique and makes all the difference.


In Huawei P9, one of the two 12MP sensors on the rear is a monochrome sensor. Since the light isn’t filtered for specific colors before it hits the photo sites, this sensor can capture 300 percent more light, which manifests as amazing details even in the shadow regions of low light images shot from Huawei P9. This monochrome sensor also enables P9 to shoot beautiful, detailed and artistic black and white images.

The intelligent camera software and dedicated ISP further add features like light trails, real-time bokeh, different color modes, very elaborate pro mode, and much more that make Huawei P9’s camera fun to use for all classes of users.

Huawei’s innovation has already begun to inspire other manufacturers. In fact, Qualcomm has also introduced its ‘Clear Sight’ camera tech that will help manufacturers place dual cameras on high-end phones with minimal research. Clear Sight tries to replicate the same P9 like dual camera technology with one Monochrome sensor.


The Huawei P9 isn’t a one-trick pony, though. Besides its stunning camera, there is a lot more to look forward to. The handset includes a powerful processor, a gorgeous metal and glass construction, durable build, a very vivid IPS LCD display and a long lasting battery with fast charging support.

The Huawei P9’s success isn’t surprising. The handset has received favorable response right from the start. Within the first 6 weeks, Huawei managed to sell over 2.9 Million units of P9 and P9 Plus combined. The handset is available in more than 25 countries and is particularly popular in China, France, Finland and Britain.

A great camera is what all classes of consumers primarily crave for. Coming up with a meaningful camera related innovation has paid off handsomely well for the Chinese Tech Major.

The Nexus 6P gave Huawei its biggest global breakthrough. With P9 Huawei continues to make deeper inroads and further progress in its march towards being the top selling smartphone brand in the entire world. The company has ambitions to overtake Samsung and Apple in the next five years. And with devices like Huawei P9, we believe they can achieve the goal in less than 5 years.

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