How Huawei P9 justifies its price point

The Indian smartphone market is a very complex and brutally competitive space today. Consumers always have, and perhaps, always will put more than their fair share of trust in raw specifications, which leads to a problem.

Today, specs like fingerprint sensor, 4GB RAM, octa-core and deca-core CPUs, and 16MP cameras are available in both entry level Androids selling for under 10,000 INR and in high-end flagships selling for around 50,000 INR. So, in this age, where every other phone proclaims to be a flagship beater, how does a high-end phone justify its price?

The answer is the holistic usage experience which also includes after sales support.


The budget phones can match specs on paper, but the compelling high-end phones like Huawei P9 walk the talk by providing a worthy and gratifying user experience. And to deliver on this count, a lot of effort, innovation, and R&D goes in the background.

For instance, judging a display only by its resolution tells you nothing. A Full HD display might feel bland with reds appearing as magenta and whites appearing as cold blues, and an HD display might just feel mesmerizing owing to its well-calibrated tones, high contrast, deep blacks and perfect white balance.

In 2016, most flagships were differentiated by their cameras. Most manufacturers were at par with each other as far as other smartphone attributes go, but nailing the camera part – considering the rigid constraints in smartphone photography- wasn’t easy even at the high-end price.

Smartphone cameras modules need to be compact, which restricts the total amount of light they can gather. Besides, people expect to effortlessly shoot in all kinds of lighting. This requires astonishingly good hardware and a software that work in tandem. And Huawei P9 manages to delivers the best smartphone camera that we have seen this year!

Huawei’s implementation includes two 12MP rear cameraS, where one has a monochrome sensor that facilitates capturing 3x more light. The camera module also includes Leica optics, dual tone flash, and PDAF.


The camera software is very engaging, and you would want to draw your P9 out, again and again, to shoot anything and everything. The details, colors, and contrast in low light shots are simply amazing, and that’s very tough feet to accomplish, even with the best in flagship class shooters. The 8MP selfie camera at the front also does a remarkable job.

Moreover, Huawei managed to fit in both cameras without any camera bump – something which even the most expensive phone today couldn’t manage! The meticulously designed Huawei P9 is compact, and its metal-glass unibody construction feels incredibly premium.

Also, in an age where some Snapdragon-powered flagships are plagued with poor thermal and power management, the Kirin 955 SoC is best at thermal management and doesn’t excessively drain your battery, which results in great mileage from the 3000mAh power unit inside.

As for after sales support, Huawei is offering two years warranty and three months display replacement option with P9. All P9 customers will also get a pick and drop service should anything go wrong.

There is no area where the Huawei P9 disappoints. The thoughtful software interface, sharp and vivid display, remarkable camera hardware, ultra-premium design, Xpress after sales support, and tier-1 branding – all add up to make Huawei P9 an outstanding phone, and in light of these achievements, the Huawei P9 feels extremely competitively priced at 39,990 INR.

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