Huawei Forays In To Internet Of Things With HiLink and LiteOS

IoT (Internet of things) is the next evolutionary step for us entering a thoroughly connected world, and Chinese manufacturer Huawei has announced its foray in this smart appliance industry. Huawei won’t be making smart appliances, but it will release HiLink protocol and Huawei LiteOS in second quarter of 2016 and provide other manufacturers a framework to work with.


The company has partnered with Chinese home appliances maker Haier as well as Chinese home solutions provider Broadlink to realize these goals. Huawei LiteOS for IoT will be an open source platform and will include light kernel, have small boot time and will be light on battery.

First set of devices based on Huawei LiteOS will be released in China in third quarter of 2016. The Chinese manufacturer will also foray into smart security and smart lighting devices by the last quarter of next year.

Broadlink CEO Jerry Liu stated that Broadlink would be able to convert any device to a connected smart device within 2 days using the HiLink system.

lite os

“In China, partners such as Haier and Broadlink already have a lot of users so that gives us a good base. It’s easy for us to connect with these brands and integrate our smart home platform. For India right now we want to focus on the smartphones first. We want to increase our user base. Once users are comfortable with our OS and our products, then we can think of getting into smarthome products,” said Huawei representatives.

Besides Heir, Huawei will also work with other smart appliance makers who already have a sizeable user base, like Panasonic, Daikin, TCL and others.

Indian users will have to wait to experience whatever Huawei is brewing. For now, Huawei intends to focus only on its Honor series smartphones in India.

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