HTC Vive Available On Amazon In India For 92,990 INR

HTC’s renowned VR headset, Vive, has now been launched in India. You can buy HTC Vive from for 92,990 INR. Understandably, that’s a lot of money to order something you aren’t familiar with directly online and thus HTC Vive will also be available for in-store experience at select locations in India.

The complete Vive kit includes two VR controllers, room scale movement sensors, Vive link box, a pair of Vive ear buds, and a head mounted display that features a built in camera. The VR headset has 110 degree field of view for immersive experience.


Indian consumers will also get two ‘fully-fledged VR Experiences’ – The Everest VR and Richie’s Plank Experience. The former will acquaint you with what it feels like to view the world from the highest mountain and the latter will let you walk, securely, on a plank situated 80-stories high.

Besides the above-mentioned experiences, Vive users can enjoy other VR content and apps from HTC’s VR store, Viveport.

HTC Vive was earlier launched in select countries including the US for about $799 or roughly Rs. 51,000. Yes, the HTC Vive India price definitely feels a bit steep.

Faisal Siddiqui, President-South Asia for HTC stated, “We are delighted to launch Vive in India. Vive has totally transformed the way we interact with the world, bringing ultimate mainstream experience to the consumer. Now consumers and developers can experience immersive virtual reality in a way that reshapes human imagination beyond boundaries.”

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  1. Price of HTC Vive is drop. Now it’s available at Rs. 87990/

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