Hosair AirHealth Pro Air Purifier: Should you buy one?

We are living in a world where pollution is increasing day by day. No matter in which part of the globe you live, pollution is a worldwide phenomenon which is affecting everyone around the world. Be it water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution or air pollution, it is in every field.

Air Pollution is one of the most dangerous form of pollution because you can’t even notice it. The air which we breathe is full of so many pollutants like oxides of Sulphur, fine dust particles, bacteria, virus, pollens  etc.

Even when you are in a room or any building, there are high chances that you are breathing polluted air. So, there is a strong need of an air purifier specially if you are living in a polluted city. An air purifier removes all harmful contaminants from the air thus making it clean to breathe. There are large number of air purifier available in the market, Hosair Air Purifier is one of them. In this post, we are going to talk about Hosair AirHealth Pro Air Purifier and whether it is worth buying or not.



You get the following contents in the Hosair AirHealth Pro Indian Retail package:

  • AirHeatlh Pro with filters
  • User manual
  • Remote
  • Short Film DVD on Air pollution
  • User Guide on Air Pollution

About AirHealth Pro

It is one of the most advanced and personal air purifier available in the market. It features all new iSix ActiVMS technology which gives user an extra edge for purifying bigger & polluted environment easily. This air purifier is capable of sensing your living environment and adjusts itself as per the environment.


Purification Technology

As mentioned above this air purifier uses advanced iSix ActiVMS technology which is actually a combination of six different filters. Each filter is used for eliminating special class of air pollution thus offering maximum effectiveness. The six filters used in the purifier are:

  • AntiBac Prefilter: It is the very first layer of filters and is composed of high precision anti-bacterial substance. This filter is capable of eliminating the particles larger than 20 microns like dead skin, pollens, dust etc.
  • UltraHEPA: It is another reliable and efficient filtration layer which can easily eliminate fine dust, particulate matter, bacteria, viruses etc which are large than 0.02 microns. It delivers filtration efficiency of 99.7%.


  • HyperAdsorb: It is made up of a hyper-porous surface and adsorbs harmful gases, Vocs and odours. It is painted with special activated media to remove formaldehyde present in the air.
  • NanoTiO2 : It releases free radicals in the layer which oxidizes air pollutants like formaldehyde, bacteria, Vocs and ammonia, thus cleaning the air and making it suitable for breathing.
  • UVShield Pro: This layer sterilizes the air for protection against a large variety of bacteria molds and fungi.
  • Anion Streamer: This layers releases negatively charged ions which binds with dust, germs and viruses suspending in the room. This filter completely purifies the air and makes it perfectly fine for breathing.


Key Features of Hosair Air Purifier:

  • Highest Air Deliver Rate: At 390m3/h, this air purifier delivers one of the highest air delivery rate in the market. It can be used at home, office or any indoor place of your choice.
  • Different Modes: There are different air modes like Auto Mode, 3D circulation, sleep mode, timer which increases the efficiency and functionality of the purifier. It can be used at multiple speed and with child lock, you don’t need to worry about kids too.
  • Energy efficient: It is a 55W device and delivers maximum performance at minimum consumption of energy. With Hosair Air purifier, you don’t need to worry about huge electricity bills.
  • Zero Maintenance: The main problem with most of the air purifiers is that they need constant maintenance. However, Air Health comes with zero maintenance and is easy to use.
  • Compact Size: It only takes 650 Square feet of area which makes it compact in size. Most of the purifiers takes large space in a room and looks odd but, it is small in size and can be easily placed in some corner of the room.

Hosair Air Purifier comes with a fully functional Operational Panel which can be used for changing settings and air flow rate. You can also use the remote control for same settings.


How to install?

The product weighs only 7.5 kg and can easily be installed. Once you have removed the product from the packing, place it in upright position in the room where you wish to use it. To get the best out of it, make sure are placing it on a floor and at least 6 inches away from the nearest wall. Connect the power plug and switch on the power key by simple pressing it, your air purifier is all set to do the cleaning.

If you are still confused about installation, don’t worry as soon as you receive the product you will get a call from their Support Department explaining the installation process.

Does it really Work?

It is not easy to measure the Air Pollution level around us but the Purifier comes with an Air Quality indicator and if we trust the readings it improves the Air quality drastically. To test the effectiveness of the Purifier we sprayed perfume in the room and it really decreases the fragrance in the room much faster as compared to the room where Air purifier was not installed. So, we are sure that at least your Room will be free from odours.



Hosair Air purifier, AirHealth Pro is priced at INR 29990 but, you will get 25% off if you buy it from their official website thus costing you only INR 22,400. Company provides 30 Day Free Trial option and offers free delivery in India.


Final Verdict

It is easy to use, offers zero maintenance and consumes low amount of power. The device is light weight and highly portable. You can easily move it from one room to another. It comes with a 2-year warranty and a great after sales service. So, if you are looking for an Air Purifier you can definitely checkout AirHealth Pro from Hosair.

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

Akshay is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to write about Technology and Gadgets. He is very passionate about blogging and has been blogging since 2009.

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  1. Akshay, have you personally used Hosair- they don’t have a big name in the market as compared to Philips, why did you buy this over Philips?

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    • Yes have used it and it works fine, their advantage was pricing but now they have increased it and it is even more expensive than the Philips Air purifier.

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  2. Akshay, they use Photocatalyst tech which leads to emission of Small quantities of ozone in the air. You did not mention about it.

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