Honor Celebrates Its 2 Year Anniversary, Shows what’s in store for 2016

Huawei’s Honor smartphone brand is now 2 years old, and the company celebrated the occasion at the Universiade Sports Centre in Shenzhen, China from December 12 to 13, 2015. Festivities included musical performances, interactive games, Emotion UI Base Camp, the honor “New Power” Video Exhibition, product showcases and more. Honor also duly credited its partners for this success.

Huawei launched its Honor brand a couple of years back to tackle online market, and this has indeed worked very well for the Chinese manufacturer. Even when it is often belittled as “Chinese” brand in India, Huawei is a huge company and a powerful brand.

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As far as smartphones go, Huawei didn’t make a big dent in India with its Mate and other series devices. Honor gave Huawei a fresh start, without interfering with the existing brand. We have seen some really exciting handsets like Honor 6, Honor 7, Honor 4X and many others in the past couple of years.

George Zhao, President of honor, said, “We are pleased to celebrate our two-year anniversary with partners and media from across the world. Thanks to our loyal fans, we have achieved rapid and steady growth over the past two years, allowing us to continue to be brave in all our future endeavors.”

 “That future, of course, needs to be a future with partners. As such, we remain committed to collaborating with forward-thinking companies to create superior users experiences through our products, and a technology utopia for brave young individuals to come together and interact without boundaries. Together with our partners, we look forward to helping the younger generation engage their passions, express their creativity, and pursue their dreams.”


Honor has collaborated with over 21 organizations globally, including Google, Chevrolet, Baidu, and Coca-Cola, to achieve its aim of creating a complete ecosystem for its consumers.

At its 2 year anniversary celebration, Honor launched Smart key 2.0 and EMUI 4.0 technologies, improved honor 7 variant, gold and zero Turbo Run versions of the honor 4A, and 4G, China Telecom and Kung Fu Panda versions of the honor 5X.

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