Honor 5X Ran Over By A Bike And Car, Emerges Intact

Huawei recently launched Honor 5X in India amidst huge fanfare and we have to say, it’s one of the most compelling options available under 15K and among the rare few which offer the convenience of a fingerprint sensor.

On the outside, the handset is quite slim and lighter than what you would expect from a ‘metal unibody’ phone. In fact, the aluminum Alloy used on the back cover, with attractive brushed metal finish, feels closer to plastic than to metal. But that in no way means Honor 5x is fragile.


The handset is quite resistant to day to day wear and tear, and the latest Huawei videos demonstrate exactly how much beating it can take. Huawei has published two videos on its Facebook page, a drop test and a pressure test, and the Honor 5X passes both with flying colors.

The 4 step drop test involves throwing Honor 5X successively from heights of 1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2 meters and finally – the 10th floor. While the Honor 5X survives first three falls with fair ease, the display glass expectedly cracks from around the right corner where the impact of the 10 floor drop converges. It is still working though.


The second pressure test involves Honor 5X being run-over by a 256Kg bike and a 1100 Kg car, and surprisingly it comes out unscathed in each case.

The whole exercise does prove that the Honor 5X can survive more than a few falls and accidents too, but we still recommend you to use it like a normal smartphone.

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