Hike Messenger Adds 5000 India Specific Stickers In 30 Languages

Most chat addict will unanimously agree that Stickers can indeed spice up your chat experience. They are graphic, expressive and simply a lot of fun to use. Hike surely acknowledges their importance and announces the addition of 5000 new stickers in over 30 local languages for Indian consumers.

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Yes, all these stickers are very much India specific and can be downloaded for free.  Since these are culture specific to India, you will see several popular local expressions, slangs, greetings, wishes, etc.

“The stickers have been bucketed under more than 25 categories including region specific lingos such as Punjab Di Shaan, Hyderabadi Aashiqui, Dhakad Haryana and for various social conversations & age-groups with sticker packs like Prem Amar, Heer Ranjha, O womaniya, Smarty Pants, Hostel Masti, Office Office, Gharwalo ke Taane, Yaariya, Bahanebaazi; making messaging a fun, addictive and really playful experience,” states hike in the official press statement.

You are probably thinking that 5000 stickers a tad bit overwhelming. To save you some confusion, Hike 4.0 comes with automatic sticker suggestion feature, which recommends precisely what you might be looking for based on what you are typing.

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Hike also claims that the technology for exchanging stickers has been designed to work well even on 2G network, and that is good news as your chat experience won’t be hindered by abrupt data speeds – a common phenomenon in several circles.

Hike as also announced a contest, where participants can submit their favourite phrase and get a sticker with their own face and own phrase on hike.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, hike messenger, said, “Messaging is undergoing a profound transformation with users increasingly looking at better ways of expressing themselves. Stickers are a big hit with users and it’s becoming clear that it’s hard to go back to simple text once you’ve witnessed the deep emotion through which one can converse using hike’s 5000 locale stickers in 30 different languages.”

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