Google Nexus 360 concept : smartphone transforming into a smartwatch

With the invention of smartphone we all have witnessed what the world has been. Nowadays these small electronic items have been into our lives that we don’t just buy it because we need it for calling, but we really need to help ourselves in work, in education whatever field it may be.


After laptops came the smartphones and now even in smartphones, the market is somehow stagnated with different models from different vendors launching every single day. Then came the wearables a new category which is evolving gradually. Some more information about wearables, these are the gadgets which we can wear on ourselves, most popular of all the wearables being the smartwatches. There are some of the shoes that come with some electronic gaga built in measuring the run rate etc.

Recently there has been a concept that we found on the web about Nexus 360, a futuristic bendable smartphone-cum-smartwatch. According to what, 91mobiles have posted the Nexus 360 looks far from this end but who knows right?


The Nexus 360 will be made up of light weighted bendable materials like the G Flex but more flexible so that it can roll on your wrist, crazy. Combining the benefits of both the worlds, the Nexus 360 might come with a fitness tracker built in since it will be smartwatch too.

Discussing about the specifications, we just wanted to make a statement this is a matter of pure assumption. Nothing of this is guaranteed to arrive in near future, it may or it might not. It might come with top notch specifications if the feasibility tests approve like the full HD screen, more RAM, faster processor and what not. The innovations is here we would like to comment upon. As per the images, we could see a detachable Bluetooth module which might come handy for receiving calls while in the wrist watch mode.


As we said, this is a device amalgamation of popular smartphones that have been launched till now. This futuristic beats looks like a sci-fi movie which never will be true but did you ever thought of Android on your watch? Nothing is impossible.

Source : 91mobiles

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