Google Daydream VR Headset Now Available On Flipkart For 6,499 INR

Last year Google standardized mobile VR with the Daydream standard and launched a compatible Daydream VR headset. The same is now available in India for 6,490 INR. The first 30 customers who buy it on Flipkart will get a free Google Chromecast and the first 50 will get Rs. 500 Google Play store credit.

Google’s Daydream VR headset has a soft fabric exterior and can be worn over spectacles as well. A remote control is also bundled along that can be used to control your VR experience once the phone is plugged in. You can use the headset to watch 360-degree content on YouTube, Play Movies, Street view, Google Photos, etc. And the Bluetooth control has sensors to sense your movements to facilitate interactions with the virtual world.

If all that seems enticing, we would advise you to hold your horses. The headset is only compatible with a handful of handsets. In India, it will work only with Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Moto Z as of now. Support for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ is on the way.

By the time Daydream VR has hit India, Google’s VR entourage is already set off towards standalone VR headsets. Even if you have a compatible phone, will it make sense for you to buy the Daydream VR? Well, that’s not a very easy question to answer as of now.

Author: Pooja

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