Google Blocked Movie Rental Service for Rooted Android Devices

Movie Rental service is unveiled at Google I/O conference. The announcement surprises all, Movie Rental Service enables users to stream videos, download movies and even they can rent movies starting from $1.99 per movie. This is a great service for Android powered handsets until the blockage of this service on rooted devices pops out.

Rooted device users are feeling hard like they are punished for rooting their device. Google explained that they have blocked this service for rooted devices because of requirement of copyright protection.

Google Blocked Movie Rental

Google Blocked Movie Rental

Another reason for this blockage is “Error49” which pops out whenever you want to download any movie. Many users are distracted by hearing this news. Rooted is a term related to android devices in which they can uninstall or deactivate an application which comes pre-install, run special applications, install custom ROMs, back up the system, and gain full control over Android device.

Google Android 3.1(Honeycomb) is the only Android OS version which is supporting this Movie Rental and video streaming service. Rooted devices are blacklisted due to copyright protection.

Users are extremely surprised because the market is also having other services like “Netflix”, “iTunes” which are not affected but why only Google Movie service is affected, that is not yet clear.

Let’s see what steps Google will take in near future to avoid this distraction.

Do you think Google has taken a right decision to block Movie Rental Service or not? Do tell us

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