Glassline – The future of water heating in India

The cold weather has already dawned upon us and nothing is more rejuvenating than a hot shower on chilly winter mornings. A good water heater is, therefore, a must-have companion for the winters. With the changing urban landscape, houses are expanding vertically thus creating the need for specialized water heating solution that can withstand high pressure and work with inconsistent water qualities.

Let us here understand the basic problems experienced with conventional water heaters with steel tank and no protective coating. The high salt and mineral contents in water make the inner tank not only corrodes the inner tank but also may lead to tank leakage and potential electrical hazard. Moreover, these tanks are just not capable of handling tremendous pressure that is a common thing in high-rise buildings.

Thankfully, technology has made sufficient advancement to efficaciously counter these problems. To prevent corrosion of water heater storage tanks, manufacturers are now lining the inner surface with enamel coating. Enamel coating also referred to as glassline coating, doesn’t corrode and can increase the lifespan of your water heaters many folds. But how well would it hold under high pressure?

Orient Electric uses Ultra Diamond Glassline technology in its water heaters that can withstand up to 8 bars of pressure, thus making them fit for use in high-rise buildings. The end result is an extremely durable water heater that shall last years without any hint of corrosion or scaling.

Orient Enamour and Zesto are two models with Ultra Diamond Glassline storage tanks that you can consider buying.

Orient Enamour

The Orient Enamour range of water heaters look extremely elegant and come in 15L and 25L tank capacities to ensure that you don’t run out of hot water supply through your day. The Orient Electric Enamour range of water heaters anti-siphon and multi-valve technology add to their longevity as well. The Whirlflow technology used further ensures 20% more hot water supply.


These high-pressure working glass heaters can withstand 8 bar of pressure, feature an IPX4 certified water-resistant body, corrosion-free titanium enamel tank, and come with a 7-year storage tank warranty. These heaters are also extremely water efficient, brandishing a BEE 5 star rating.

Other highlights include advanced Japanese anti-bacterial technology, super thick magnesium anode, multifunctional safety valve and digital temperature display.

The 25L Orient Enamour water heater is priced at 10,990 INR and the 15L variant is listed at 9,990 INR but is currently available at a discounted price of Rs. 8,254 from the official website or you can buy it from amazon.

Orient Zesto

The Zesto range offers similar durability in a functional and economic package. Zesto water heaters are available in 25L, 15L, 10L and 6L capacities priced at Rs. 8699, Rs. 7699, Rs. 7990, and Rs. 7190, respectively.

All of these durable water heaters enjoy a 5-star rating, can withstand 8 bar of pressure and come with a 5-year storage tank warranty.

Zesto is a high pressure working class water heater and has all necessary features that you might be looking out for including Anti siphonage, thermal cutout, multifunction valve, and anti-corrosion magnesium rod are present. You can buy Orient Zesto from Amazon.

Without doubt, Glassline is the future of water heating in India. If you are looking forward to buying some durable storage water heaters for the long run, both Orient Enamour and Zesto come with Ultra Diamond Glassline tanks and are options worth considering.

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