Garmin launches 2014 portfolio of its satellite navigation device range

Garmin Corporation, a unit of Garmin Ltd. on June 26, 2014 launched three new innovative products in its lineup to map the world. The global leader in satellite navigation launched three new GPS devices in their 2014 PND range portfolio. The three PNDs – nüvi 55LM, nüvi 65LM, and nüvi 2567LM are priced at Rs. 10,990, Rs. 14,990, and Rs. 17,990 respectively and will be available in market by June 27th.


All of these devices, demonstrate Garmin’s obsessive focus on incredible user friendly technology packed with advanced features to be one of the best devices to buy. These devices are a perfect companion for a trip with any point in the journey and multiple-stop route planner. It has in built in turn-by-turn directions, high quality of-board maps and premium features.

Additionally, the company have also managed to embed a feature in the devices that will provide details of the places user is visiting, to enhance the experience of travellers to historical monuments and tourist spots. Any one can know everything about the historical place or the tourist spot and will help him/her in getting an informed tour of the place better with these devices.
Company has also partnered up with to help the customers get more information about the restaurants they wish to visit. The newly launched devices like other Garmin devices will have broadcast in Hindi, Indian English and 9 other Indian regional languages.

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