Fujifilm FinePix SL1000 Review

Fujifilm, the Japanese Multinational Photography and Imaging company recently launched the FinePix SL1000 in India. SL1000 is a bridge camera which is targeted at the audience looking for a camera which offers more features than a normal point and shoot camera and at the same don’t want to opt for a DSLR.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 top

Recently we did the Unboxing of the FinePix SL1000 so do check out the post if you want to know about the contents of the FinePix SL1000 retail package. Does the SL1000 have what it takes to stand out of the crowd or will it get lost in the market full of Point & Shoot and DSLR cameras. Read on to find out.

Build & Design

When we opened the box we thought that it is a DSLR camera. Yea the camera looks just like a DSLR. There is a rubberized coating on the camera for a better grip so that you can hold the camera more comfortably and can capture good images even without a tripod. It comes with a 3 inch tilting LCD screen which is made up of 920k dots. There is also an electronic viewfinder (EVF) just above the screen which gets activated whenever you bring your eye near to the EVF and turns off the screen.

You can adjust these settings bu using a EVF/LCD button present on the right side of the EVF. It supports 3 modes- Screen Only, EVF only and auto mode. In auto mode the sensor present along with EVF detects whether you are trying to look through the EVF or not. In case you are, it would turn off the screen.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 tilted screen

On the right side of the screen you have a button (orange circle in the center) to start recording a video. Below that you have a button to view captured images or recorded videos. Then you have a selector button which has a menu button in the center, function key on cursor up key, flash key on right key, macro mode option on left key and self timer mode on down cursor key. The disp/back button is used to turn on or off the various onscreen indicators.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 scrfeen

At the top right corner of the device you have a control to zoom in or out, +/- button to set exposure and the button next to it is the continuous shoot button or as we all call it Burst Mode. Then we have a sliding power key to turn on or off the camera. You might be wondering about a circular dial present just below the power control. This is the mode selector dial use to set the shooting mode such as Auto, Advance, Scene Recognition (SR) Auto. panorama and much more.

I personally prefer the SR auto and auto modes since you don’t need to adjust any setting, the device does that for you but in acse you are looking for more advance controls you can also shift to advance mode to manually adjust all the settings.

Fujifilm finepix sl100

On the right side of the device you would find the HDMI and microUSB port covered with a single flap to prevent dust from entering these ports. You would also notice a metal bracket on the top right corner which is used to attach a shoulder strap with the device.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 left

Fujifilm finepix sl100 left ports

On the left side you have another metal bracket, a button with a flash sign to open the popup xenon flash and a secondary zoom control present on the lens barrel. There is no manual/barrel zoom available with SL1000. If you want more precision with your electronic zoom controls you need to shift to the advance mode.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 50x zoom

If you keep the camera upside down, you would find a hole to mount the camera on a tripod, a small compartment for battery and SD card and a a speaker outlet. Last time we reviewed FinePix HS25EXR which used 4AA batteries and it was a hard task to replace these batteries again and again or use 4 AA rechargeable batteries. But in SL100 you get a single 1650mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 bottom

If you open the compartment present on the bottom of the device you would find a 1650mAh battery and a SD card card slot.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 battery slot

SL1000 comes with a pop up xenon flash as we mentioned earlier which can be opened using a button present on the left side. The camera comes with Super EBC Fujinon Lens which has a zooming capability of up to 50X, impressive isn’t it?

Fujifilm finepix sl100 front

Overall, the build quality of the device is good and it is quite easy to hold the device and capture images. The rubberized coating at certain areas provides an additional grip to the user. We have no complaints or issues with the build quality or the design of the device except for the fact that the sensor present to automatically switch between the EVF and screen is too sensitive. It turns off the display even if we hold the camera close to my body or face.

Features & Specifications

  • 16 megapixel 1/2.3-inch BSI-CMOS image sensor
  • 50x optical zoom (24-1200mm)
  • 3.0 inch tilting LCD screen
  • Continuous shooting up to 10fps
  • Super fast 0.2 second Auto Focus
  • Fast 0.9 second Startup Time
  • 1080p@60fps Full HD Video Recording
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Electronic Viewfinder with eye sensor
  • Multiple Modes (SR auto, advance, panorama, programmed etc)
  • Supports RAW shooting
  • Hotshoe attachment for the use of external flash
  • Function button which can be assigned to frequently used features
  • Dual Zoom Control
  • Lithium Ion battery with 350 shots per charge

To read about complete specifications of the camera visit Fujifilm FinePix SL1000 Specifications.


SL1000 can shoot both jpeg and raw file format. Capturing images in Raw file format is something preferred by advance users and photographers. For a casual user or beginner it is not much of a use. The camera comes equipped with multiple shooting modes like SR auto, Advance, Panorama, Programmed etc. I personally like the SR auto mode as we don’t need to adjust all the setting manually. Presence of advance mode and the ability to capture images in raw file format makes this camera suitable for people looking to become a professional photographer but are tight on budget.

The camera offers a unique feature which allows you to share pictures with your friends and family by uploading the images or video to Facebook or Youtube  directly from your camera. The camera also has Powerful Optical Image Stabilization which allows user to capture blur free images even with shaky hands.

We would like to mention few features which we have already mentioned above in the Specifications as we feel that they are worth mentioning again. These are up to 10fps of continuous shooting, Fast start up time of 0.9 seconds and fast auto focus of 0.2 seconds. Imagine you can start clicking images from your camera in less than a second even if it is turned off.

Moving on to the main feature of the camera, its 50X zoom. SL1000 offers super zoom ability as well as super macro mode where device allows you to capture objects as close as 1cm from the lens. Even while using the 50X zoom the lens length is smaller than that of a DSLR with long zoom lens.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 extended lens

To show you the power of the 50X zoom we have captured two images, one without zoom and one with full 50X zoom.


In the above image we tried to zoom at the Pigeon sitting 2 blocks away from us  and you can see in the image below how powerful the camera is. We were not only able to zoom to the pigeon but the image we captured at even 50X zoom was of high quality.


Here are few sample images captutured using the Fujifilm FinePix Sl1000 camera:

[AFG_gallery id=’3′]

The camera supports full HD video recording at 60fps. We recorded a full HD video using the camera, the video also shows the power of the 50X zoom.

So as you can see, the camera is able to capture high quality images even after using the 50X zoom. You can even capture good images in low light condition, thanks to the pwoerful xenon flash provided with the camera. One thing which we really liked about the camera is the Optical image stabilization, the video above wwas recorded without a tripod and you woukd notice shakiness only when we have zoomed in to the area.

Fujifilm finepix sl100 battery

Talking about the battery life of the device, company claims that the battery would last for up to 350 shots but in our case it died out after taking around 115 shots and recording 4 minutes of full HD video. One thing worth mentioning here is that our flash was on for many photos which might have reduced the battery life of the camera.


Fujifilm is a well known name in the field of digital cameras. The have been manufacturing a lot of compact cameras with high zooming capabilities at a lower price. The quality of captured images is pretty good even after using the fuill 50X zoom. It is available in India for Rs 29,999(M.R.P). The features it offers at this price point makes it value for money camera.

It is an ideal option for the people looking to buy a camera with DSLR features but with a lower price point. The only disappointing feature present in the camera is its over sensitive proximity sensor. But it should not be a problem as you can turn the auto switch mode off.


  • High quality 3 inch Tilting Screen
  • Good Picture Quality
  • 50X Zoom
  • Raw File Format
  • Optical image Stabilization
  • Fast boot & auto focus time
  • Value for money


  • Over Sensitive proximity sensor

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